Your Morning Head: When I was 12

Watching the news this weekend, I was disturbed to learn that a twelve year-old girl and her thirteen year-old boyfriend gunned down her mother and step-father.  The girl had apparently run away from home last month and returned, guns-a-blazing.  Her mother was dead on the scene.  Her step-father, who slipped into a coma shortly after identifying the shooters, died last Thursday.

“I can’t believe this,” I remarked to my wife.  “When I was twelve, I played with action figures.  I played DnD!”

“So, nothing’s really changed?” She asked.

“I don’t play DnD anymore,” I scowled her direction.  “I prefer games with mechanics that drive the story forward and reward deep roleplaying, games where players share in the storytelling.”

She snorted, “Elitist.”

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  1. I was twelve when things started to deteriorate in my home. I think there’s a psychological evolution at that stage where the child first begins to assert personal choice over mandated parental control. Depending on the child, the parent, and the external factors, things may go well or go poorly.

    I had never gotten in trouble at school before and within a year, I was in danger of getting suspended. I did not, however, gun down my mother.

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