Your Morning Head: Trouble at the Podge Cast, Spooky Outhouse?

spookyouthouseI had an interesting conversation with Podge Cast co-host and Spooky Outhouse co-founder, A. David Pinilla last night.  David (aka Adam) and I chat frequently over Twitter and Skype.  Spooky Outhouse hosts Ideology of Madness and Adam is both  friend and technical support.

Our conversation last night was a bit odd.

Adam and I caught up on Skype shortly after he and his co-hosts had wrapped up recording this coming Monday’s Podge Cast episode.  His tone was uncharacteristically straigned.

I asked if everything was alright.

“Yeah,” He answered in a clipped manner.  “Fine.”

We went on to chat about the inner workings of PodPress.  Yet, his mind seemed elsewhere.  Our conversation more than a little awkward.

I asked again, “Everything alright?”

“There are going to be some changes on the Podge Cast,” He answered.  “And at Spooky Outhouse.”

“What does that mean?”

He didn’t answer and instead, terminated the call.

So, Adam/David/Whatever-the-Hell-Your-Name-Is, WTF?

Or maybe Luke, Joe, or Matt will comment?

Something’s up.

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  1. Man, why is the podcasting community so dramatic?

    Aron, it’s an interesting tidbit but I’m dubious of incendiary posts borne of rumors and personal conversations.


  2. And isn’t “Trouble at the PodgeCast” a little sensationalist title? We’ll continue to release episodes regardless of what happens this week. “Changes at the PodgeCast?” would have been a more appropriate title.

  3. Last night was a rough session, but no decisions have been made. I’m sure it didn’t help that you talked to him right after we finished recording. We’ll see later in the week if things are changing or not.

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