Your Morning Head: Podge Drama? Listen for Yourself!

If you listened to this morning’s Podge Cast, you heard the tension and awkwardness.  Even more disturbing were Joe’s comments in The Hodge:

With our next episode, we hit number 50, an abstract yet somehow important milestone in podcasting. In an effort to keep things fresh, we’re going to mix things up here at the Podge and make a fresh start of it. There may be some host changes. There may be some format and/or direction changes. We hope you continue to enjoy the show and that our new lineup and direction only improves on our past successes. Thank you for being with us during this strange and winding journey.

I don’t know what any of that means, but if there is a split between the hosts?  Dibs on Cushman.

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  1. Ha! I’ve been working 10 hour days, five days a week, so I’m behind. That said, I hope said “fight” was a total farce, and that they’re rolling in the lulz right now.

    I’ll have to try and listen later tonight after the All Star game.

  2. If they are punking their audience for the sake of publicity or an inside joke or whatever, it’s a dick move. I don’t know if it’ll ultimately be enough to make me stop listening, but it’ll definitely lower my estimation of the hosts quite a bit.

  3. Runester – interesting evidence you have there. If the episode was just a trick, than they had better pull off one hell of a “gotcha!” on episode 50, or I am unsubscribing solely for the fact that the whole episode made my stomach knot just so they could have a laugh.

    Damn, it also makes sense that Bear Swarm! would have let people know about the episode, so as to spread the rumor further and get more listeners for the Podgecast. Where’s my tinfoil hat?

    If this is a trick I think it is a mean one.

  4. I believe the ‘fight’ on the PodgeCast was staged. I think that between some pre-show publicity and a sense of fun on behalf of the hosts, it was aimed at eliciting a visceral reaction from their listeners and having a bit of an inside joke at our expense. I also expect them to come back in episode 50 and either never acknowledge that anything happened at all (perpetuating the joke) or to play it off and offer to include the listeners in on it.

    First, the fight was contextless. David and Luke began sniping at each other, unrelated to the topic being discussed, from the very beginning of the episode. In other words, there was no context for why there may have been an enmity between them. Perhaps we’re to believe that ‘something’ happened before the mic’s went hot – but then why continue with the episode and continue discussing such seemingly mundane topics, while secretly brooding and seething?

    Second, we have the character’s of the hosts themselves. David has specifically stated that he went to an all male school and that constant ribbing and teasing was de rigour. If we know that, then how can the other hosts – such as Luke – not know it? Further, if his merciless teasing was so offensive, then how have they remained friends as long as they have? Further yet, from the exchange we heard, we’re to believe that Luke takes the matter very seriously and is very sensitive on the subject of his business closing, and that he’s the kind of man that would wear that sensitivity on his sleeve in the presence of a person who he knows loves to tease his friends. That’s a bit hard to believe. Luke comes across as someone who does NOT take himself so seriously and who is not nearly as sensitive or prone to be wounded, as shown.

    Third, this was episode 49 … and the upcoming episode, 50, is a milestone. In fact, David addressed that by saying, “We’re not making it to episode 50.” In which Luke answered, “But that’s next week!” So, the fact that a little fun could be had and some interest stirred and some controversy raised in time for a milestone episode seems like too much of a coincidence. It’s sort of like those cliff hanger episodes that seem to always crop up in the season finale. Funny how they’re timed like that, huh?

    Fourth, the movie “Bruno” (starring Sasha Baron Cohen – is out at the theaters and is a good current example of the “Comedy of the Real” and may have put the idea into the hosts heads of pulling a real-seeming practical joke like this. In fact, this exact episode is a reminder of one of the brilliant pioneers of “comedy of the real”, Andy Kaufman. There is the much remembered interview on David Letterman’s Tonight Show, in which wrestler Jerry Lawler smacks a seemingly injured Andy Kaufman right out of his chair and then storms off the set. ( There was a great deal of discussion afterwards, whether this was real or staged and what the purpose could be. In the end, Jerry Lawler had to admit that it was a prank, and that Andy Kaufman had put him up to it – and that neither had included David Letterman.

    Fifth, and finally, is the beautiful coincidence of the topic of episode 49 – intrigue and mystery! What a better way to express that then to get the listeners involved in a mystery and to (possibly) choose sides in an intrigue. Again, like the occurrence of the upcoming milestone episode, it’s too much of a coincidence that the episode about intrigue is capped off with a fight and a mystery.

    So, in conclusion, I believe that we have – in the best tradition of Eshu the Trickster ( – some boundary challenging, barrier smashing, confusion producing pranksters that are stirring things up and getting everyone to talk about the show as much as what the show is about. In which case I applaud the amazing level of foresight and planning needed, and hope that the joke is revealed for what it is and that we can laugh along with them when it’s through, as opposed to just being laughed at while casting about for a clue.

  5. Just finished listening. I had to rewind the ending a couple of times just to make sure I heard what thought I heard. I’m wondering if they’re just dicking around…after all, the show’s theme was “intrigue”.

    We’ll see…

  6. Ever opportunistic, KitD will be attempting to sign any new free agents. As a listener, I hate the PC having a falling out, but our shows must go on. Time to capitalize on that talent.

  7. Wow, that was hurtful.

    I don’t know what was going on behind the scenes, but I can’t think of a situation where some of those comments would be appropriate.

    And I really can’t imagine a world where it would seem like a good idea to say those things on a successful podcast. I mean, seriously, that kind of public behavior totally cedes whatever moral high-ground one might have in private.

    That said, I hope the Podgers can reconcile and that a truly great podcast will be able to continue.

  8. I heard about the drama via the Bear Swarm! podcast. I spent the entire 55 min of episode 49 flinching, waiting for the blow to connect. Ouch indeed, Steve, the awkwardness was palpable the whole time.

    Hopefully the Podgefellas will come to a good resolution. That being said, where Luke shall lead, I will follow him.

    [This space is resolved for the stupid, knee-jerk personal opinions that I am refraining from entering on this subject.]

  9. Joe’s the only one that makes the show worth listening to. Wherever he ends up on the podcast dial I’ll follow him and probably drop listening to the others.

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