Your Morning Head: Annoyed by Secured Content in general and GBFans in particular

I really dislike internet sites that require registration before you can view their content.  I’m not talking about fee paying sites.  I’m talking about discussion boards.  Forums, y’know?

I don’t want to have to give a board that I may never again visit my personal information.  I don’t want to set a unique password for them that I then have to remember.  I don’t want to give them my email.  I sure as hell don’t want to see their spam.

It makes perfect sense to mandate registration if a person wants to post to the board, but for simple browsing?  Stupid.

Yesterday, I followed a link from Twitter concerning how to build a proton pack, an article posted to the Ghostbuster Fans board.  Arriving at the link, I found registration was required to read the article.

Of course, I posted to Twitter directing the comment at the Ghostbuster Fans guy (@GBFans).


Instead of responding with a reasonable explanation as to why they require registration, GBFans replied with something less than satisfying.  Since he deleted his response from Twitter, I am quoting below instead of posting the image.  GBFans said:

If you are truely interested in the content, you will register for our site.

Immediately after receiving, I re-tweeted his rather dick-ish remark.


And I followed it up with this one…

gbfans-twitter3Shortly afterward I was pleased to see this…


It’s amusing because GBFans described a goal yesterday:

2000 Followers! I never thought we would see the day when we hit 2000, that really is just a huge amount! What’s next? 3000!?

I just don’t think that’s how you do it.

To be honest, the Ghostbusters Fans site looks like a terrific site.  All kinds of great ‘Buster content to geek on.  I don’t want to register for your site, though.  And I certainly don’t want to have anything to do with a site representative who’s response to surfer’s feedback is essentially “you wanna see it, you will comply.”

GBFans is a jack-hole.  And I’ve got no use for him or his site.

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  1. I agree Aron, not a fan of the registering for forums. Now if a forum wants to deny posting access to anyone who hasn’t registered I’m cool with that, they want some level of accountability in the community. I can dig that. Honestly though, acting like the content of the forums is top secret government documents or something is a little silly.

  2. While I dislike it as well, some people react more strongly to the word “hate” than others. Maybe you just caught him on a bad day. If he read your comment negatively, you could come off sounding like a jack-hole yourself.

    I still wouldn’t register for his site, but I’m just saying, it wasn’t the most constructive of feedback.

  3. I never bother with forums that require registration to see things. It’s stupid. It’s not even a valid security measure because anybody who’s going to register and start some shit can just register and start some shit. So, you know, fuck ’em.

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