X-Men: First Class Trailer!

Gonna be honest … not sure what to make of this debut trailer for X-Men: First Class, due out this June.  I think it’s interesting that they didn’t actually reboot the franchise like I had thought.  This is actually a prequel to the original trilogy, at least this trailer would give us that impression.  I kind of think that might be painting themselves in a corner, as there’s only so much they can do with the time period before the original X-Men movie, and I wonder how well that’ll connect with audiences to turn into a franchise.  What are we going to see next?  An 80’s X-Men, with music and clothing from that era?  Matthew Vaughn, director of Kick Ass, Layer Cake, and Stardust seems to have a habit of making movies I think are overrated.  I’m not going to write this film off just yet – the cast is solid, and it seems to have some concepts that intrigue me.  I’m just not excited for it.  What say you?

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  1. Fuck this movie, the cast, and all involved. Marvel’s doing so much right with its movie franchises right now, why make another poor excuse for an X-Flick?

    Why not just reboot the franchise with the original 5 X-Men? Unlike Ironman and Incredible Hulk, X-Men movie scripts feel a lot like a new writer coming onboard with their own ideas and pet characters, just trying to take the story and twist it to “make it their own”.

    I know people will just say, “Well, don’t go watch it.” Is that really a solution? Really? Batman fans get their Dark Knight, while I have to choose whether or not to see, not an X-Men movie, but a movie that happens to have “X-Men” in the title. I just want an X-Men movie that looks and feels like one. It’s pissing me off more and more, as studios are putting out more “middle ground” movies that excite both normies and fan boys, but the X-Men keep missing the boat.

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