What kind of condoms does The Invisble Man use?

Yeah, we don’t usually go into the sexy stuff here at IoM (just because we’re so damn sexy and don’t want to overdo it), but when someone like Trojan puts together a commercial where Dracula, the Invisible Man, and Frankenstein talk about their preferred condom of choice, it’s definitely something IoM-worthy.  Check out the commercial below!

Apparently, the spot was originally intended to feature a group of jocks, but the director, Ronni Thomas, rewrote it.  Trojan didn’t think much of that idea, sounds like, according to Fangoria.  Still, I think it’s a great commercial!

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  1. The amount of shit he takes form his erstwhile friends probably doesn’t help.

    Also, he’s got electrodes in his head, doesn’t he? I mean, with the right wiring he could bypass everything but the need for intimacy through the wonders of SCIENCE!

  2. So it’s not that he has the brain of a criminally insane person that makes him so angry, can’t say that I blame him for being pissed off either.

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