Wait…WTF? Is that a unicorn in Halloween II?

Well, not a unicorn, but a white horse with an entirely white-clad Sherri Moon Zombie.  I’m going to have to really let go a lot of my feelings about what a Halloween film should be before I see this film, aren’t I?  I mean, even moreso than the first film by Rob Zombie.  Cuz…WTF?

Halloween II is due out this Friday … expect my full review over the weekend!

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  1. Yeah because all that Druid crap in parts 5 and 6 made TOTAL frickin sense!! The dudes just having visions…no big deal…it something entirely different than some of the other BS this series has done in the past,think about it,this is really kind of viewed out of context,and is it REALLY any sillier than seeing Busta Rhymes karate chopping Mike Myers???

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