Trek Week 2: The Wrath of Contest

wrath of contestJ.J. Abrams’ re-think of the Star Trek universe was many more times Romulus shatteringly awesome than even the most optimistic Trek geek ever hoped.  It re-energized an aging property.  Everyone outside (and many within) fandom believed it could not be done.  Making more than $380 million in worldwide box office, the film was successful in kindling the flame of Trek-love and guaranteeing a sequel and many more romps through the Trek universe.

The DVD hits store shelves on November 17th.  Because we geeked to the movie so hard, we’re offering you the chance to win a copy of the 2-disc special edition DVD complete with digital copy.

But wait!  That’s not all.

We’re also throwing in a copy of IDW’s terrific prequel comic Star Trek: CountdownCountdown tells the story of Spock and Nero fighting to avert the disaster which spawns the events of the film.  In thrilling fashion, we are provided the tale of two men from vastly different backgrounds who become allies.  We see how allies become bitter enemies.

Countdown enriches the enjoyment of the film, but it’s great on its own.

One lucky winner gets both the DVD and Star Trek: Countdown.

The Deets:

All you gotta do is post your recommendations for the sequel in the comments below.

One entry per person, please.

Winners will be chosen at random.

Items will only be shipped within the continental United States.

You must be 18 or older to enter.

Contest ends Friday, Novemer 20 at 5:00 pm Central time.

Oh, and here’s a snippet of one of the DVD extras… who knew Wil Wheaton was in Trek 2009?

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  1. Honestly, it would be nice to tighten up things between the original series and TNG. The only hint we got was Bones having a convo with Data. As many plots as we’ve seen with the original crew and it’s later counterpart. I’d suggest getting Q in there somehow since we haven’t had his like on the big screen. Make him more of the puppet master; sparking a war; green women being used as a ploy.

  2. My Star Trek sequel would center around the enslavement and exploration of Vulcan refugees by Klingons. The Enterprise would be sent to put a stop to it and much violence would ensue.

  3. One of my favorite original episodes was “Arena”. Maybe the Gorn race could be revamped as a major foe for the Federation, similar to the Klingons and Romulans. Spacefaring but also physically intimidating. Their starships could reflect their reptilian origins.

  4. Me personally, I don’t condone a Kahn revamp. Rehashing perfection is a recipe for disaster. I would like to see a new concept taken on, something bold as it were. If we simply must take an idea from an old show, I might go with something like Mirror Mirror. Or, another thought would be to do some cross generational grabs. Q continuum or Dr. Soong’s early works. There’s a lot of interesting mashups you could cobble together from existing Trek even outside the original series.

  5. Hmm… a lot of pro and anti Khan talk. Khan is awesome, but in this alternate reality they may never find him this time. Best not to worry and only work him in if there’s an incredibly cool way to do it (maybe this time Khan is found by the Romulans or the Klingons – but best not to touch it if it’s not going to work).

    I seem to remember someone saying they were trying to work Harry Mudd into the first film but couldn’t so it would probably be cool to have him in the sequel.

    But what would I like to see?

    More green women. You can never have too many green women. Which suggests they should do a plot where they have to deal with the Orion Syndicate. That might be good, considering there’s likely still plenty of room to play around with it. And they wouldn’t have to fall back on the traditional Federation-Klingon-Romulan hate triangle that’s fueled so many Star Trek plots in the past.

    Yes, that’s what I think I’d suggest. Something about that. Because it would mean more green women. 🙂

  6. I think what the sequel needs is to retell one of the episodes but in such a way it allows for expansion on the fate of both Starfleet and Vulcan. Personally, I’d love to see them retell The Naked Time as opposed to Space Seed (as much as I love Khan, I can’t see that episode being stretched into a full movie…).

    No matter how they do it though, I’m sure it’ll turn out to be an awesome movie!

  7. Instead of offering multiple suggestions, I’m going to offer one I can really get behind:

    Let’s bring back Harcourt Fenton Mudd and somehow associate the green ladies along with the numerous Federal laws that Mudd violates. Plus, add in some Klingon diplomatic emergency so that Kirk needs Mudd’s help to get of this crisis.

    Also, more screen time for Scotty!

  8. Not Khan. They tempted fate (and won!) by completely reworking everything; it’d be a terrible idea to try and shoehorn Khan into the new timeline.

    I do want Klingons. Maybe smarter versions of TNG’s Klingon sisters. (I know the timing’s off, but still.) This could be a faulty memory on my part, but I always thought the sisters were kind of chumps, although I also thought there was a lot of potential there.

    Really, though, let’s face it – the Orion slave girls request is the best result of this thread. 😉

  9. The adventure was great, but now that we’ve transitioned into the new universe I’m ready for some character development.

    For Kirk:
    Yes, yes, hes a (formerly angsty) rebellious maverick, I get that, but lacks depth. Give me something that shows kirk is more than a dick and a middle finger. Examples of him as a strategist or as a resourceful individual would be in the right direction.

    For Uhurah:
    She did well to transcend being just a switchboard operator to being someone with an emotional stake, but I’m concerned about her becoming just the love interest and then not being able to transcend that. My suggestion here would be to give her more of an active role in helping the Enterprise overcome its next big hurdle; perhaps making her the ships diplomat or goodwill ambassador for a more nuanced approach or as a subplot.

    For Checkov:
    He was a lot of fun and had a lot of appeal for both me and my wife. Lets see him now come into his own more, perhaps in a command role while the away team is down or providing critical insight into helping Scotty or the crew at large solve a problem.

    For Sulu:
    He was just pretty damn awesome, so more of that please.

    For Scotty & Bones:
    I like these characters best in the feature and wouldn’t change anything, but I would ask that since a metric ass-ton of coincidence and fate seemed to surround this first narrative, if the next script could tone that way the hell down.

    Other suggestions:

    Replace the writers.
    Sorry, let me restate that:


    I liked this movie A LOT but it was far and away more a triumph of good direction and extraordinarily good performances than it was well crafted storytelling. Remember; these are the clowns that gave us Transformers. They got lucky here but I’m very hesitant to give them an opportunity to drop a deuce on yet another beloved franchise since Transformers 2 proved that they can only do worse.

    If they do Khan for the next film:
    Either go with a younger, more rugged angle; in which case I suggest Gerrard Butler or an older, more seasoned and weathered angle; in which case I would suggest Anthony Hopkins or Dolf Lundgrin

    That’s it for now. If I have other ideas, I’ll post elsewhere. 🙂

  10. I would like the sequel to stay away from two things: Time travel and the Khan storyline; that still leaves an enormous playground to explore, given the new continuity (the Andorian’s reaction to the destruction of Vulcan, a new treatment of Charlie X, or J.J.’s take on the Doomsday Machine come to mind).

  11. When it comes to plot, villain, and such, I don’t care too much. I mean, I want it to be good, but I don’t have any specific requests.

    More than anything, I want Abrams to take advantage of the “new continuity” thing. With multiple series and a dozen or so movies, the Star Trek universe has well worn ruts. If Abrams doesn’t capitalize on his decision to remove the property from those ruts, he’s ignoring one of his greatest advantages. What form exactly that capitalization should take, I have no idea.

  12. I don’t want a rehash of Khan. I want something new and different. They need to not waste time rehashing the first movie and jump right into the action. It needs a strong villain, and real danger. I think they shouldn’t be afraid to off a major supporting character. It needs to continue the subtle call outs to the fans of the original series, and more Simon Pegg. One of my biggest disappointments with the first film is that Pegg doesn’t show up till 2/3rds through the film.

  13. Since it’s Hollywood, why not jump up the Borg’s first appearance in continuity and throw them in with the classic Trek crew?

    Maybe they can no longer assimilate beings for some reason and need Kirk to rock the Borg Queen’s world so she can create something new. And then in the next sequel Khan or some Klingon bastards kill this offspring.

  14. I want to see something completely non-canon, boldly going, etc. With one exception…Orion slave girls..I want to see lots of them…

  15. The problem with Star Trek as a movie franchise is that it’s meant to be a TV franchise. Movies like this have to be a big boom, race for action, save the galaxy. To quote Joss Whedon during his filming of Serenity, it just needs to be bigger. What do I want from Star Trek? I want them to go explore, which was their mandate. Go explore new parts of the universe, discover interesting cultures, and have an adventure with Abraham Lincoln and a rock creature.

    That doesn’t make a really good movie, though.

  16. I was never a big Star Trek fan as a kid but i did see parts of the Wrath of Kahn. I think he should be in the sequel.

  17. I like the ideas from Star Trek Elite Force or the episode of Star Trek Enterprise where the crew encounters a nebula full of ships from past, present and future. The NCC-1701 can encounter crew members from the class E ship and future enemies as well. I know time travel antics should be put off the table, but I think the audience for the reboot thrives on the nostalgia factor. I am not sure simply putting in Kahn will be sufficient enough for my tastes.

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