The Pull List 09-14-09

Replacing our old feature The Crap You Should Buy This Week, The Pull-List is our opportunity to tell you guys about the crap we’re going to buy this week (and probably speak about during our podcast), so you can get a peek into what comics our twisted minds enjoy.

You can access the week’s new comics at Comixology.

Check out our pull list below and leave a comment and let us know what your pull-list looks like this week!

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  1. Agents of Atlas #11
    Amazing Spider-Man #605
    Dark Avengers #9
    Dark Reign The List: Daredevil (One Shot)
    Dark Wolverine #78
    Invincible Ironman #18
    Mighty Avengers #29
    Punisher #9
    Vengeance of the Moon Knight #1
    X-Factor #48
    X-Men: Legacy Annual #1

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