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It can't rain all the time, right?
It can't rain all the time, right?

I kind of hate that everybody’s referring to the new The Crow movie as a remake.  Unless the lead character’s name is Eric Draven and he’s a rock star who dies and comes back to avenge his death, it’s really more of a sequel/reboot.  Still, I guess calling it a remake makes it so that people unfamiliar with the franchise won’t feel intimidated for not having seen the first four films (only one of which was good).  I love the original Crow, and it’s technically already kind of been remade on TV with that Crow TV series, Stairway to Heaven (with Mark Dascascos playing Draven), but I really feel like it should be left alone.  Sure, people say that about a lot of remakes…but how many original movies had the lead die during production?

Anywho, producer Ryan Kavanaugh chatted with io9 and offered up some interesting tidbits on the remake/reboot, including:

“He’ll have makeup, but it will be different. The best way to compare it is the first Batman and Batman Begins. In terms of their look and feel and character.”

Don’t even get me started on how every superhero movie is not a Batman Begins.

“It’s really a whole relaunch of the franchise, much more of a dark superhero type. We’re just relaunching it and making it with a much more present day character, someone more relatable to everybody. It will be an actor you’ve heard of, yes. We’re not ruling anything out. We’re looking at both, with the very well known and the ‘very talented but they may not be quite there yet’.”

“More of a dark superhero” than the original Crow?  Hmmmm…well, as long as they keep EVERYONE who had anything to do with Crow 4 out of this one, I’ll be happy to see it!

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  1. That song gets kind of freaky once you get to the fourth verse. You say laughter (laffter) and I say laughter (loffter). Should have stuck with fruit, sister.

  2. I do see your point, but I do view them as seperate entities. I think of reboot as a different story that may or may not negate what came before, like Batman Begins or the recent Friday the 13th. Whereas I think of a remake as, literally, remaking the story we’ve seen before, like The Hitcher, or Quarantine. You say tomato, I say to-mah-to…same difference.

  3. I think Star Trek was the exception to the norm. Most reboots are remakes. This is the only one that incorporated the original canon, if albeit tangentially, into its story. Normally it’s something like Batman Begins that redoes the origin story. They don’t call it a remake because you think of the color version of Psycho or something, but reboot is just a euphemism for remake.

  4. Well, yeah. I mean, I consider a reboot something like Star Trek – a reinvigoration of a franchise that brings new life to it and sets up for future adventures. Whereas I consider a remake an actual remake of the same story we’ve seen before. I actually think they’re quite different.

  5. They shouldn’t call it a remake, they should call it a reboot? Really? You’re going to split that hair? Do you have a razor fine enough?

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