Signed Bone One-Volume Edition on Sale!

Whoa!  This is wicked cool!  From the official Bone site,


For one month only, get the one-volume edition, the entire storyline, of Bone, one of the greatest comic tales OF ALL TIME, signed by author Jeff Smith for only $40!  We’ve talked about this book multiple times on our podcast, and I can think of no better gift to get a child, a comic fan, or a loved one who enjoys excellent fantasy literature!  Jump on this deal!

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  1. I gotta say, this is my favorite thing you guys have turned me onto so far. Great read. I bought the one volume edition and I have had no problems with it (after reading it several times). I know, small sample size (n = 1) and everything, but I found this to be a great value for a great story.

  2. Wow…really? I can’t lie – I’ve never purchased this edition, because I own all of the original b&w hardcovers (which have long been out of print).

    I think this is the only option fans have left to get the b&w editions of the comics. I’ve actually not heard a ton of issues about pages falling out, but for new fans and readers, I think it’s a great bargain. Especially signed.

  3. A genuine fan is better off buying the individual books. If you want to have Bone in your collection out of some sense of geek obligation, this may be your solution. I say a fan will want the individual books because to make a book this large, you have to use thinner paper and the thinner the paper, the poorer your art/color quality will be, the more likely you are to see artwork through the page you’re reading. And a 2 1/2-inch spine for a paperback is a no-no in the publishing world. I’m shocked Amazon reviews aren’t rife with complaints about pages falling out of the book. Repeated use of this book _will_ cause the spine to crack/glue to come loose and pages to fall out in groups of 32 or 48.

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