Saints of Reignsborough

Yes, Funnybooks Fans…there is a Santa Claus.

And this year, tied up in a nice pretty bow, is our first ever, officially official Reignsborough Christmas Special, Saints of Reignsborough!

In Saints of Reignsborough, we flashback years before the Knights united to save the city, to a time where a young Catholic priest, Dominic Argento, struggles between the responsibilities to his family, and the responsibilities to the cloth. Partisan is just an urban legend at this time, new to the city, and, one bloody Christmas Night…well, you’ll see.

To help you get caught up on the status quo, we have clips from Season 0’s sandboxing, where Jonathan tells you about Dominic and his family!

Thanks to Tony Mast of Backseat Producers for the voicework, and to Michael Jones from October Comics for the sound effects.

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  1. Hey Hopeless!

    The Alice of Wonderland link at right is just to promote a friend of the site! No link to Funnybooks or Reignsborough, but an awesome set of playing cards!

  2. A very belated Merry Christmas but wish you all an especially Happy New Year!

    So are there plans for a Grimm inspired one shot what with that new friend listed on the right?

  3. Well it is now I don’t suppose you could add a note about the Alice of Wonderland on your friends of IOM bit?

  4. Merry Christmas, Hopeless!

    Re: Partisan… Stay tuned for more on that… There’s a lot to learn there.

    And for the rest, stay tuned as well. Lots to come in the season 2 two part finale and then in Season 3… So exciting!

    Hope your Yule was awesome.

  5. So Partisan can fly, possesses super speed, heat vision along with super strength and some invulnerability so does that mean he’s a Superman-like character with a vulnerability to magic which is what killed him?

    Interesting I wonder who the child was, is it someone already introduced in the first season of knights and will they mention Nicky and Doyle plus the opposing gang?

    Merry Christmas one and all!

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