Reignsborough University: A Body Was Found!

New Reignsborough action is here! This All Hallow’s Eve, celebrate with the students at Reignsborough University, as they unravel the mystery of a death on campus. This is a just a preview of what’s to come in our upcoming Reignsborough University actual play series!

Inspired by Savage World’s East Texas University setting and the game, “A Body Was Found,” this Reignsborough University one-shot has the players involved in the storytelling and playing the game simultaneously – sandboxing and actual play in one!

Join John, Josh, Tim, Wayne, and Paul as they discover just the beginning of the horrors that await you at Reignsborough University!

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  1. Hey Aron I’m sorry for asking this but are you guys currently playing season 4 of knights of reignsborough?

  2. Hey Aron I’m sorry for asking this but are you guys currently playing season 4 of knights of reignborough?

  3. So seeing as this is super heroes death doesn’t really mean shit I mean fuck you guys were literally dealing with time travel maybe a return of coyote or will there be a brand new slightly racist character type perhaps a German?

  4. Still say she’s Tim’s mum maybe Tim found out since he was adopted and she has no idea its him?
    So maybe Wayne’s character was involved in something shady and was fingered for the disappearance of a former business partner who actually died because he arranged Tim’s adoption and Paul assumed his/her partner ran off with someone else because they had to adopt Tim?
    So there was an explosion and Wayne felt aggrieved that they blew up a bust of him he was proud of?
    Someone’s son is in jail for an event and the PCs are trying to solve what actually happened?

  5. Tim is Paul’s son!!!!
    Paul’s running a comic shop… well The Boys makes that entirely possible!
    He sells Magic cards!!!
    And his shop is near a strip club…
    Heh… seems the parent is now a mother and acts motherly towards Tim…
    Seriously Paul you’ve seen a what involving an overbearing mother?!!
    Single parent, widowed heh well done Wayne mentioning the cougar!
    Josh’s character is the overbearing mother?
    Why didn’t anyone mention she was Tim’s mother but no one knows about her dark secret?
    Wasn’t there already plenty of that?
    Oh regarding the body… so whose body was it then?

  6. Before I listen to this I’ll ask some questions as a warm up to the revelations held within…

    1) Is it Iron Claw’s body they found?
    2) So unlikely to involve the Knights then?
    3) Huh so a student parent who befriends the student jock with Wayne the benefactor and Paul’s shop owner being friends with the occultist… so is Paul running Giles from Buffy?
    Really need to listen to this properly!

  7. Yaaaaa last I ask you said there you had two projects for knights of reigns borough is one of this the Knights of reigns borough of is that group of characters gone?

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