Reign of Ironclaw 3: Don’t Drink the Water!


With a terrorist in custody, the Ironclaws cast their net to capture the remnants of the cell.

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GM’s note: Knights of Reignsborough: Reign of Ironclaw is a role playing game actual play podcast. It is not our intent to teach a system, rather to entertain. As such, much of the game mechanic discussion has been edited from the audio.

Knights of Reignsborough: Reign of Ironclaw is on a bi-weekly release schedule.  Episode 4 will be released the weekend of October 10th.

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  1. Hold on what if the figure Jeremiah noticed is actually himself?

    When the reign of Ironclaw happened he was pretty much holding off the effect by himself, presumably being the latest member of the tribe carrying that tomahawk it wouldn’t stretch matters if he ended up in the shamans hut even though he also exists in this alternate timeline…

    That would explain who and why Jeremiah was saying Partisan… but not why Patrick Ironclaw actually knows who that is unless he’s either immortal or its in that book Bette “acquired”

    Either way the next couple of episodes should prove interesting…

  2. You guys! I love the last minute reveal on this and it fits so well with the character! Great job and great story! 🙂

  3. Hello I believe that’s Indian Chief… increase in apparent size, evident anger at their actions, was apparently in the Shamans Hut in the corner muttering to himself…

    I think what Jeremiah heard was Dr Necropath whose consciousness was caught within that time storm allowing Indian Chief to pull a Ramiel on his alternate self…

    Either that or Partisan had a heck of a fan club even in alternate universes!

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