Reign of Ironclaw 2: An Explosive Evening!

kor_s03e02.fwOur exploration of the Age of Ironclaw continues!  The noble houses of the United Tribes and the Aquian Empire are to be joined in marriage.  The great powers of the world are gathered to witness this grand union while terrorists lurk in the shadows…

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GM’s note: Knights of Reignsborough: Reign of Ironclaw is a role playing game actual play podcast. It is not our intent to teach a system, rather to entertain. As such, much of the game mechanic discussion has been edited from the audio.

Knights of Reignsborough: Reign of Ironclaw is on a bi-weekly release schedule.  Episode 2 will be released the weekend of September 26.

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  1. Trapdoor from the Knights has his own version in the United Tribes?

    Doesn’t sound like Bette so they have their own caster… maybe Jeremiah’s brother?

  2. Heh… nice save Andrew!

    Now will he survive the next episode when the “good” Baron finds out he’s been framed… admittedly I was wondering if this was a set up by them to make it look like the resistance was responsible… interesting…

  3. Very engrossing episode!

    Makes me wonder how you’re going to resolve this if its just for one season… actually interested in learning whether the Axis you’ve introduced in this season over in the Knights version in Reignsborough.

    Nice explosion effect, actually making me imagine this as an actual tv serial! Its that good!

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