Reign of Ironclaw 7: Epilogue

kor_s03e07.fwReignsborough has been restored, but at what cost? 

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GM’s note: Knights of Reignsborough: Reign of Ironclaw is a role playing game actual play podcast. It is not our intent to teach a system, rather to entertain. As such, much of the game mechanic discussion has been edited from the audio.

Special thanks toGary Layton for lending his voice talent.

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  1. That’s awesome I assume will see something in a few months also poor coyote and the group is so traumatically scarred also how many points do the characters have? I’m so so excited

  2. Yup! New Reignsborough will debut here at and will ultimately be posted on as well. Thanks for asking, Firefrog. Which sounds like a great villain… Come to think of it. Hrmm.

  3. Oh that’s awesome it’s just been a while I guess that excites me I just have one more question will thy be posted here?

  4. Just had a crazy thought… what if Accel killed Partisan?

    Well Ironclaw was sent into the past what if Accel was too and his attempt to restore his reality just failed… now THAT would be quite the twist!

    What if he tries to steal Ricochet’s body but not knowing he’s Ricochet a sort of how radiation effected the spider hunters?

    No very unlikely.

  5. Well finally managed to listen to this!

    Riptide can actually see wonder how long before the others notice or Cousteau for that matter?!

    I take it Accel will be appearing at some point just imagining if he and Ricochet compare notes and realise someone lied their ass off!

    Somehow I think Accel will become a villain in his attempts to return to Sepouia after all Bette, Jeremiah’s killer has Iron law’s Time Machine…

    Hey does this mean the Baron and his sons from the Sepouia reality are the big bands in the Reigns borough setting?

    Is Patrick Ironclaw dead?

    What new character will Tim play if the Coyote remains dead?

    So Star Trek Aegean is due to release soon… any word on the sequel to the Curse of Kantukh?

    Bette has the time machine, Necropath has asked Dennis to ask Josef to give her moral support, the World Defence League will be continuing their hunt for her as if the big bands are now aware of her is bad enough!

    How many times has Partisan been married?!

    Who is the father of Kid Partisan, who was the woman who asked the Father to deal with Partisan’s funeral?

    Does this mean Dennis lied? Or Partisan is a bigamist?! Talk about Lois Lane!

    I wonder what season 4 will reveal?

    Until next knight time, same knight channel!

  6. Hey guys, I just wanted to say that I have enjoyed every second of Reignsborough so far. It’s actually greatly inspired me to do my own superhero RP that’s been going strong since earlier this Fall. The setting as a whole, all the side-stories, all of that, is just amazing and the sandboxing sessions have helped me to understand a completely different way of doing things. I can’t wait until Season 4 and hope that schedules allow it to happen soon.

    As for questions and feedback, I have the age-old question/demand, “When can we get a Reignsborough setting book?” I’d love to see one done and would gladly contribute to a Kickstarter or Indiegogo or whatever. The Reign of Ironclaw has been an insane ride, and I admit, I got misty-eyed toward the end and during the epilogue. I love the whole cast, but the Coyote was one of my favorites, since I had had a similar idea during a supers RP an acquaintance ran a few years back. And the way that he was in both realities really made him a likable guy. All in all, I think that Reign of Ironclaw evoked as many feelings as Flashpoint did for me. It took a universe I really like a ton, and showed it from a different angle. That said, I can’t wait to get back into the main plot and hear The Knights take down those sonsabitches that orchestrated the whole thing. Maybe we’ll all finally get some answers about Partisan and whether he really is alive or dead and what that means for Reignsborough and the world at large. Also, I’d love to see more Squires and Ghosts of Reignsborough.

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