Red 5 Comics First Look Reviews – 8/19/2009!

Atomic Robo and the Shadow From Beyond Time #4

We’ve got some previews for you of this week’s two Red 5 comics – Atomic Robo and the Shadow from Beyond Time #4 and We Kill Monsters #2!

Having read both of the upcoming books, I can definitely say that you should pick both up.

There’s really nothing more to say about Atomic Robo that I haven’t said already.  The series, about Robo fighting a Lovecraftian creature that exists at multiple places in time simultaneously is imaginative, hilarious (especially the upcoming issue 4), and action packed.  Atomic Robo is not only one of the absolutely best comic books on stands today, it’s a perfect example of why we love comics in the first place.

We Kill Monsters is the new kid on the block, the story of two mechanics who are trying to protect their town from an infestation of creatures.  One of them is injured while battling a monster, and the monster blood he gets in his wound gets him a super cool, super strong monster arm.  If you’ve listened to our podcast, or checked out Aron’s preview of the first issue, you know we’re already digging the book.  Issue two continues the goodness, as our heroes do more monster battlin’, and more craziness ensues.  If you haven’t jumped on to this title, make sure you pick up issue one and two ASAP (you can buy them online at HeavyInk)!

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