Really? Really? (Sherlock Holmes trailer!)

I have to admit…this film looks like a lot of fun.  But it sure as hell doesn’t look like Sherlock Holmes.  Not the Sherlock Holmes I know and love.  I won’t complain though – everything has to be updated at some point or another, and a faithful adaptation of Holmes would probably bore modern audiences to tears.  Kind of surprised they went with Robert Downey, Jr for the titular role.  I mean, the guy can act, but now he’ll, essentially, have to juggle two franchises.  Oh well, I guess Christian Bale is doing it.

Sherlock Holmes is due in theaters on Christmas Day, where it has to do battle with Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakuel.  Who will win this battle of wits?  Elementary, my dear Watson!  (I really have no clue which one will make more money – I just wanted to say that).

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  1. “You Americans have to make everything bigger. You take A Room with a View and make it A Room with a View of HELL!!!”

  2. I agree, when I saw this at Terminator last night, I did not know what to think. It could be a bad movie because of the script. I Think a lot of those actors are really good, but they can only take a bad script so far.

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