Podge Cast Luke to attend Fear the Con 3!

luke-2009There are those who believed it’d be a cold day in Hell before Luke Meyer returned to another Fear the Boot event.  You may have noticed, there’s been a lot of snow this winter…

Heard on Twitter yesterday, Luke Meyer, formerly of Fear the Boot and currently of The Podge Cast, announced that he would indeed be accepting the invitation from FtB’s moderating host Dan Repperger to attend Fear the Con 3.

He stated: “”Excited to report I will be attending Fear the Con 3. Woot!”

When asked about his plans for the event, “I’ll be running copious amount of Iron Tyrants.”

Iron Tyrants is the miniature wargame Meyer is developing with frequent collaborator A. David Pinilla.

Luke was instrumental to the coordination and success of the first Fear the Con.  A beloved figure in the RPG podcast community, Luke’s presence at FtC3 is eagerly anticipated.

Almost as much as his next Wizard Sleeve column.

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  1. “Flatter him, then poke him.”

    Coming soon to a bookstore near you, Aron Head’s “Two Easy Steps to a Successful Marriage.”

    Order yours today!

  2. TONY MAST> I love how the announcement also
    TONY MAST> called him out on Wizard Sleeve.

    It’s the economy of blogging, Mr. Mast. Flatter him, then poke him.


    Actually, I don’t think it will be awkward at all. I’ve hung out with the FtB crew on several occasions over the past year. There’s really no beef.

    Dan was very kind to make sure I knew I was welcome, after hearing the Kicked in the Dicebags episode I was on. I’m very excited.

  4. This should be about awkward as when my ex-girlfriend shows up at parties. Shame I can’t make it down to see that.

    and yeah, that beard is terrible.

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