PHN 2009: A Comic Shop in Winter Park, FL!

A Comic Shop in Winter Park, FL!

On day two of my Pauloween Horror Nights excursion to Orlando, Fl, I decided to hit Google and see what comic shops I could find.  I always like to, if I have the time, see what different areas offer as far as general geekery is concerned.  Little did I realize, but A COMIC SHOP was only 20 minutes from my hotel?  What’s A COMIC SHOP, you might ask?

Well, in a series of articles for Newsarama (entitled “Shop of Ideas”), A Comic Shop has proven themselves one of the most forward thinking comic shops in the industry.  How so?

  • Their creator signings are among the best.  They go all out and make a party out of it! (more here)
  • No back issues!  Yes, you heard me.  They get rid of them, using them to instead help promote the shop.  Or selling them at hugely discounted rates!  For example, I picked up…
    • A 2-pack of Wolverine back issues (73-74) for $2.95.  SIGNED BY JASON AARON!
    • Amazing Spider-Man: Kraven’s First Hunt Hardcover, collecting issues 564-677 of ASM, for $10!
    • Mighty Avengers 21-34 for $2.95
    • Agents of Atlas #1-5 for $5.95!

Read after the jump for more A Comic Shop awesomeness, and a chance to win a FREE SIGNED COMIC BOOK!

  • FanFix, a graphic novel RENTAL SERVICE!  Yes, that’s right!  Not sure what to read, or have a hard time finding the right place to start a storyline?  Or just trying to save money on your comic purchases?  Rent graphic novels for 70% off of their cover price, or trade in your graphic novels for points towards future rentals!  Like the book you bought?  Buy a new copy for 30% off the cover price!
FanFix gives you the opportunity to read out of print graphic novels!

  • Contests!  Currently the store is running a Dark Reign: The List contest. Buy all 8 issues and enter for a chance to win 8 Frank Cho variants!  Details here.
  • Their manifesto:
    • We are in love with comics.
    • Entertainment not investment.
    • Comics are for everyone.
    • Independently owned.
    • Comic lifestle.
    • Student discounts!
  • Every single Wednesday, new comics are 15% for EVERYONE!  Shit, and I won’t be able to go until Thursday!
  • Their bathroom.  Trust me (and check out the pics using the link below).

Eric  Punzone behind the counter was nice enough to let me snap a bunch of pictures of the store.  Check them all out here!

Read more about A Comic Shop, and find out where they’re located in Winter Park, at their official site!  If you’re in the Orlando/Winter Park area, or visting the area, make sure to bring a credit card and plenty of time to look around at the awesome selection!

Oh, and CONTEST!!!!  Yup, saved it to the end … want to win a copy of Wolverine: Weapon X #1, not only signed by writer Jason Aaron, but also with Jason Aaron writing “I donated my cock to science” above Wolverine’s head (seriously)?  Post the name and location of your favorite comic shop in the talkback below!

Update: Contest ends 10/31/09 at midnight EST!

Win this funnybook!

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  1. My favourite comic shop is the Hairy Tarantula on Yonge St Toronto. The place has amazing staff and good selection.

  2. My favorite comic book shop is Fantasy Shop Comics & Games in St. Louis. They have 5 locations, an extensive amount of back issues, gaming supplies, pull and hold services, and (mostly) friendly and knowledgeable staff. Plus, I’ve been going to it or it’s predecessor for more than 25 years now, so they must be doing something right.

  3. My favorite comic book shop is the Comic Bug. The Comic Bug is located in Manhattan Beach, California. It’s a great store with a friendly (and knowledgeable) staff. The owners are amazing.

    The store is nice and spread out. There is definitely not the cramped feeling that a lot of stores have. They have a great big TV in the back that is always playing something interesting. Not only do they host comic related events regularly but they even have music acts come in every now and then.

    I know the store has been nominated for the Eisner retailer award a few times but I don’t think they’ve won just yet.

    If you are ever in southern California, definitely check out the Comic Bug.

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