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Looks like Production Weekly is reporting that Paul W.S. Anderson, the director of the original Resident Evil, is on board to write and direct Resident Evil: Afterlife, which may give credence to rumors that this would be the last in the franchise.  The release date of the film is set for Sept. 17, 2010.

This comes after recent news that not only is Anderson not on the big Castlevania movie anymore, but it’s looking to be directed by super-talented Dead Silence director James Wan.  More on that story here.

Tell you the truth, I’m excited about both of these announcements!  The first Resident Evil movie is still my favorite of the three, and I love James Wan’s directing style – Dead Silence is one of the most visually interesting US horror films to come along in quite some time.  Plus, it’s got a special place in my heart because Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights did a haunted house based oin the movie back in 2007.

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    Paul W.S. Anderson is coming back to the Resident Evil franchise. The fourth installment intitled Afterlife begins shooting in September. Here’s the storyline:

    With most of the world’s population either dead or undead, Alice (Milla Jovovich) narrowly escapes from Captain Wesker and the evil Umbrella Organization to find a small outpost of normal people eking out an existence in a fortress-like L.A. prison. Re-united with Claire, Alice joins forces with LUTHER, ANGEL, CRYSTAL and CHRIS as they fight to stay alive and tunnel out of the prison in an effort to stay just one step ahead of the voracious undead…

    Who are these new characters?

    Luther: Early 30s, African American, over six feet tall with the looks and physique of a star athlete (he was in fact an NBA superstar), Luther is one of the leaders of a small group of survivors who’s holed up in one of L.A.’s maximum security prisons. Smart, brave, charming, genuine, a natural leader with charisma, Luther is immediately impressed with Alice’s matter-of fact toughness and her calm in a crisis, and a flirtation sparks up between them. Once the undead start burrowing up from the ground, Luther is an invaluable team member who helps get everything ready for their escape through the sewer tunnels to the sea–even though at first he seems to be overtaken himself by the undead…

    Angel: 20s-30s, Latino, tough, big muscles, powerfully built, with a military bearing, disciplined, smart, likeable, Angel is a natural leader who, along with Luther, oversees the protection of the small group of survivors holed up in an L.A. prison. An expert mechanic who handles the group’s “observation and communications,” Angel is a team player who briefs newcomer Alice on their situation and later does his part by making sure their escape vehicle is ready to go, all the while keeping the belligerent Bennett in line…

    Crystal: Mid 20s, attractive, young, buxom, Crystal came to L.A. to be an actress, and has found refuge with the small group of survivors in the prison. Crystal is the cook for the group, and cheerfully dishes out plates of watery powdered eggs. She also reveals that she was a swim champ in high school (“No one could hold their breath longer”) and courageously insists on accompanying Alice and Chris as they venture into the underground floors of the prison, now almost entirely underwater…

    Chris: Male, early 30s, powerfully built, with hard, calculating eyes, and roguish good looks, not entirely trustworthy, Chris is a captive in the L.A. prison where Luther, Angel and their little band have found refuge from the undead. On a military crew that emptied the prison when the undead outside got out of hand, Chris claims that he was jumped, knocked out, and abandoned by his unit, ending up in a jail cell from which no one wants to release him. Ultimately released when it’s revealed that Chris knows where there’s a hidden weapons stash as well as an armored vehicle, Chris turns out to be a valuable team member…

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