Our Long Overdue FEAR THE CON 2013 Review! (Tim’s Version)

Editor’s Note: Fear The Con happened the first weekend of May, 2013.  The entire Funnybooks crew was there enjoying the festivities and…yeah, we’re WAYYYYYY late with this coverage, but today you’ll get Tim’s feelings about the event, followed tomorrow by Paul’s review of Atomic Robo RPG, and on Friday, Paul’s review of Thistledown John‘s Chill game.  Take it away Tim!

Finally, the Funnybooks hosts were back together full power for a weekend.  Much alcohol was drank, dice were rolled and laughs were had.  Man, I wish every weekend was like this.  If it was, it probably wouldn’t be as special.

The gaming:

full_dresden_files_4Slot one I ran my Dresden Files game.  I thought it went pretty well.  I ran an investigative type of game, and it’s not something I’m too used to doing.  The group ran through leads, threw me for a couple of loops and got to the bottom of it.  Someone made a great lore check right at the beginning and I had to give up some vital information early on.  It didn’t deter from the game though.  It’s pretty cool running something for my funnybooks hosts, as typically it’s Aron that runs games that we are doing.

Slot two I played an Inspectres game ran by Chris (Voodootwiztid on the Fear the Boot forums).  I was Xavier “X-man” Thompson, an ex-MMA fighter turned ghostbuster.  By the end of the session I had priest blessed gloves, learned to raindance and had one case of road rage.  Our group did really well, accumulating dice quickly and solved 3 mysteries in the slot.

Slot three was Aron’s “And a Little Child Shall Eat Them 6”.  This year started like last year, with a prologue.  I won’t give away any spoilers here, but suffice it to say that Aron turned up the intensity a notch.  Wayne as a double amputee, bahaha!

monsterheartsSlot four was Mikel Matthews Seven Devils game.  It was a GM less setup, where we played various townsfolk and set up scenes.  We started a slow, but it was fun to tell the tale about a Swedish village dealing with Demons showing up just as they had introduced a Christian element into town.

Slot five I continued stalking Mikel and played in his Monsterhearts game.  Wow, do I want to play in that system again.  It’s as if Buffy was an HBO show.  We played teens that had various ‘skins’.  We had a werewolf, witch, etc.  It was fun playing an evil teenager ruining peoples lives in high school.  The whole game is about PC conflict.  I want to play in that game again next year (hopefully).

Slot six we played in a game created on the fly called WTF is this S?  We created characters and the scenario and it turned into a monster hunting Civil War era game.  All four of the old gaming crew were in that game and it was fun rolling dice with them.  I was saddled with “Pyromaniac” as my negative trait, and I set everything on fire (bravely, I might add).  That game ended early, so I jumped in Chris Gammaworld game halfway through and created a Speedster/Duplicator named “Mach One” (my double was “Mach Two”).  I finished the con by speed curbstomping Mechanical Ronald Reagan.  That was exactly the type of thing I wanted to be able to say at the end of the con.


Thanks goes to my Gms: Chris, Mikel and Sandpunk for working hard to entertain me.  My buddies on the road, Chris and Wade who had to deal with my snorring in the backseat.  My wife, Wanita, for coming with me on this adventure for the second year.  And of course all my Funnybooks friends; Aron, Paul, Andrew, Wayne, and Thistledown John, I miss you guys already.

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  1. It’s nice to be stalked. 🙂

    I just now heard the review from last year (FtC 5) and I wish they’d have asked about me doing Dogs in the Vineyard again. I was on the fence but decided to do another system instead.

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