Knights of Reignsborough: A Very Reignsborough Xmas!

Twas the night before Christmas and gathered in Hair Triggers lair the Knights gathered for holiday fare…

Join the Knights of Reignsborough for a  festive evening of holiday cheer!

This episode of Knights of Reignsborough takes place following the events of Season 3.

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GM’s note: Knights of Reignsborough is a role playing game actual play podcast. It is not our intent to teach a system, rather to entertain. As such, much of the game mechanic discussion has been edited from the audio.

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  1. Yes, Eclipse was one of the other heroes I pitched when I pitched the Coyote. I liked both a lot and found a chance to play her, so I took it.

  2. Wasn’t Eclipse one of Tim’s alternative choices for his superhero character?

    Oh Renegade Christmas Tree revenge!!!!

  3. FireFrog,

    Yes, the Xmas specials are indeed canon. Riptide had another commitment on Xmas Eve. Plus, Aquiians don’t celebrate Christmas. 😉

    We have a number of episodes recorded. I’m hoping to start releasing sometime in February.

    Thanks for listening!

  4. Have any idea when we the viewer will be able to watch season 4 of knights of Gainsborough I quite miss it oh and just wondering are the Christmas specials canon?

  5. So I was wondering when they came back to the previous timeline did they keep any of the skills they had from the previous timeline it would make sense if they kept their knowledge skills from the previous timeline have not watched this yet researching every episode since I haven’t watched it in such a long time

  6. My memory is a little sketchy on the events of seasons 1-3, was Eclipse introduced prior to this episode?

  7. Howdy, Michael!

    ‘Hope you’re having a groovy holiday!

    We’ve recorded 4 episodes of season 4 so far. We did not want to start releasing until we were fully active again in recording. We had a loooong hiatus in 2016 due to someone’s work schedule (mine). But it appears that we’re able to get back at it in January. So, new episodes may be up as soon as February.

    Thanks for listening!

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