Kids go to the woods…KIDS GET DEAD!

Kids Get Dead!
Kids Get Dead!

I love stories like this.  Shot for a budget of $10,000 and shot in Orange County, NY, Kids Get Dead is a new independent horror film that’s not only an homage to slashers like Friday the 13th, but also to shows like USA Up All Night, and the experience of recording old movies on VHS and using the same tape over and over.  In fact, according to writer/director/producer Michael Hall, “it appears that the movie was ‘taped over’ some of my own home movies,” he continues, “complete with VHS static, fake commercials and vignettes with our own horror hostess, Candy Adams [Goodspeed]. It’s kind of like a GRINDHOUSE for the cable/VCR generation.”” (Fangoria)

Kids Get Dead is definitely low budget, but looks like a lot of fun!  I’ll be ordering a copy soon, so keep your eyes here for a full review!  Meanwhile, check out the official site for more!  And order the film for yourself at Film Baby!

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