Journey to GenCon

I woke at five o’clock this morning in the hopes that I’d be able to catch an earlier flight. I’m booked on a one o’clock flight that would get me to Indy around four. While my work schedule required that undesirable booking at first, I was later able to manipulate the calendar in my favor. Stupid work.

Really, I’d wanted to get out of town yesterday but the ticketing penalties racked up in excess of the initial ticket price. The guy at American Airlines’ ticketing desk was all too eager to get all up in my dirt.

American doesn’t apply penalties for changes the same day as the ticketed flight, though. So at God awful early I rose this morning in hopes of securing one of the five remaining seats to the Promise Land.

Not only did I get a seat, but I got a window seat to boot! Quick, gimme some dice! I’m gonna crit some bitches!

I sit here at the gate sipping my venti sugar free cinammon dolce latte. In the company of other Texas gamers, I await my flight to the best four days in gaming. So freaking excited.

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  1. I’m taking a sip of my iced hazelnut latte as I read this. It’s delicious. Have a safe trip, a great time and blog often. How many cigars did you end up packing?

  2. I have that same t-shirt! Good thing I didn’t wear it today. Not that I’m in Indy, but I certainly don’t want to match t-shirts on any day.

  3. Having been to GenCon numerous times, the hype isn’t affecting me as it is some others. I do wish I could have been there to say hello. I hope you have fun.

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