IoM Actual Play: Atomic Robo The Roleplaying Game – The Fungus Among Us!


Biome 3, a remote Tesladyne research facility has gone dark. A group of Action Scientists are being sent in to shed light on the situation.

An adventure using the rules from the upcoming Atomic Robo RPG.

We reviewed our experience playtesting the upcoming Atomic Robo RPG at this year’s Fear The Con event previously. Now, while you wait for that turkey to cook this Thanksgiving, you can listen to the actual game!

Your game master is Andrew, from FUNNYBOOKS WITH ARON AND PAULIE.

We had an absolute blast playing this game, using the Fate system rules. And we’re sure you’ll love listening to it – jet packs, mind controlled monkeys, fungal triceratops, and more!


For more info on Atomic Robo RPG, check out the official site.

Note: Unlike other actual plays here at IoM, we left the mechanics in on this recording so that you can hear how easy the system is to pick up.  Also, the audio was recorded live at Fear The Con in May 2013. As a result, the audio quality, while good, isn’t PERFECT. Especially since we spend so much time laughing!

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