I’m not a praying man….

universal_studios_uniglobe….but please please please let this happen!!!!!!!!

From the Orlando Sentinel,

Has the parent company of Universal Orlando sniffed around the parent company of SeaWorld Orlando?

General Electric Co. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Jeff Immelt won’t say outright, but he sure makes it sound like his company has at least kicked the tires at Busch Entertainment Corp., which has been rumored to be for sale in the months since Belgian beer giant InBev acquired Anheuser Busch late last year. (Universal is co-owned by GE’s NBC Universal unit and the Blackstone Group.)

“I think any time there’s a change in the industry, people in the industry are going to take a look at it,” Immelt told the Orlando Sentinel shortly before GE’s annual shareholder meeting began last week in the Orange County Convention Center. “My understanding is that’s [a Busch Entertainment sale] been slowed down a little bit, so I can’t really speak to it. But look, we’re in the business, and we’re always looking for opportunities to make the business better.”

So you have looked at Busch?

Immelt responded: “You just never can comment on stuff like that. But we’re an ‘industrial participant,’ let’s say. And so I think we look at these things with interest.”

The second they announce that Universal Studios has bought Busch Gardens, I’m buying my season passes. Just sayin’.

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  1. Busch Gardens is great for 5 rides and a butt load of “epic” walking….lots and lots and lots and lots of walking between the few really good to great rides…
    If Universal does ever take over,I recommend more “fun” stuff to ride…and I mean exciting stuff,not that 3-d bull crap either that they try to pass off as a ride.

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