Ghosts of Reignsborough – Sandboxing, Part 2

During the day, sunlight fills the streets and the Knights of Reignsborough protect the city from cooks and criminals.
But at night, a hidden evil emerges, and a new breed of hero must defend the city.
Welcome to the…

This is the second sandboxing session for our special Ghosts of Reignsborough mini-series.  In this episode, Comedy Rock Star Mikey Mason joins the team, and we discuss his character creations.  We also discuss a bit more of the FEEL of the show – who do we want the villains to be? Will Cthulu be involved?

We’d love to hear from you! Give us a call at 972-763-5903  and share your comments, questions, and suggestions. If we use your voicemail in the show, you’ll win an Ideology of Madness SurPrize!

Note: Ghosts of Reignsborough will be our #Reignsborough focus for our Pumpkin Spice Podcast spectacular. Knights of Reignsborough will return for a 2-part season finale in November!

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  1. I can’t help wondering if Arun might throw in some Quantum Leap references perhaps the theme tune of course being a Halloween special maybe not but might make a great entrance theme for Tim’s character!

  2. So two of the other characters mentioned last week were linked to the Knights sandbox but Mikey still used Tim’s Eclipse new background for one of his?

    Liked Ghost Fox as she was apparently normal but has a ghostly mentor only she can see Randall and Hopkirk wasn’t it?

    Well as I said I liked that character but he’s going for Huntsman the one who used part of Eclipse’s new background as part of his, Legion or guy with medium powers but can’t pick up Patrick Swayze… Gallows the guy with the Judge possessed hanging rope why do I have the urge to have a certain Death who Walks come in and start talking to the rope as if its the character and treat the human host as if they’re a fool?

    Still could have had a scene where someone addresses Gallows asking why they were walking around with something out of the last millennium and have the rope reply it was all it could find to work with might be worth a chuckle!

    Well it is a horror one shot after all…

    Don’t recall the rest, so that’s Hex-Fire (John), Hitch (Tim), Scarecrow Cop (Paul), Dr Waynger (Wayne) and Huntsman (Mikey) and next week either an explanation of the backstory for the game or the first game session?

    Well I wonder who Hitch will be hitched up with for the first two days of the game?

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