Funnybooks with Aron and Paulie: What If We Killed the Human Torch?

We’ve got so much to talk about this week, we had to bring in some additional help.  Joining us to discuss the week’s comics, the hype around The Last Stand of Johnny Storm and the distressing stripper shortage is official Knights of Reignsborough artist Jake Ekiss.  You may remember Jake from his appearance on Indie Comic Book Week episode or perhaps from his web comic, Solomon Azua.  Join Aron, Paul, Tim, Wayne and Jake as we rock a super-sized episode of Funnybooks!

  • Super Bowl XLV and the horror of the Dallas stripper shortage
  • Aron’s T-Shirt story
  • DC’s Flashpoint
  • Infestation #1
  • Age of X: Alpha
  • Shazam #1
  • Teen Titans #91
  • Astonishing Thor #2
  • Wonder Woman #606
  • New Avengers #8
  • Echoes #2
  • Uncanny X-Force #4
  • Ultimate Comics Doom #2
  • Fantastic Four #587
  • Our Favorite Comic Book Death and…What if we were writing 3?

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  1. Hey James,

    Not a horrible idea. I’ll talk to the guys. I know some of us are strictly trade readers, but wouldn’t be bad to do a “Trade Spotlight” every once in a while when we have something to talk about. Thanks!


  2. Have you guys considered adding a Trades section tot he cast? It seems like you all read a lot of stuff in trade but we never get to hear about what you think.

  3. After Snowmagedon is dealt with, we will look into this Knights of Reignsborough that you speak of, though Paul and I might have a counter offer…

  4. I’d bet some fan would be inspired to write a wikipedia entry if there was an episode of the knights of Reignsborough to listen to.

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