Funnybooks with Aron and Paulie: Time-A-Trim!


It’s “time-a-trim” our comic lists! Paul, Aron, Wayne, and Tim take a good hard look at what’s exciting them (and not) in their current pull lists. Also, they chat about some big movie news, including the Predator reboot, Guardians of the Galaxy, Pacific Rim 2, and more. Also…what book has the CBDLF announced as one of the most complained about books in the US? The answer may surprise you!

This week’s new comics that we discuss:

  • Flash Gordon #3
  • Justice League #31
  • Superman #32
  • Amazing Spider-Man #3
  • Letter 44 #7

Don’t forget! Funnybooks is sponsoring the Orc Stomp 5k taking place this year at GenCon! Sign up and get your run on! All profit will be going to the Ronald McDonald House of Indiana, so support this great cause!

And this Friday…THIS EMPIRE EARTH is coming to Ideology Of Madness! The first of our Actual Plays from this year’s Fear The Con, this space ranger story is a blast!

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  1. So feedback for both the ghost season 1 and the knights season 2?!
    Well… someone’s got to Gibbs slap Johnny out of his derangement!
    Season 3 of Knights… I wonder how many of them ended up in the past and does this mean a costume change for Hairtrigger since she did wrap her uniform around that cable Ricochet broke…?

  2. Tim consider watching the Guardians movie as a means of measuring how much snark was presented and was it “Tim-worthy”.

    So Disney Infinity Marvel, is the starter set’s Thor figure suitably Thor-like?

    For me it was the Independance Day movie I was practically crawling out of the theatre by the end of that movie… in retrospect maybe I should have gone just as he was making the Presidents’ speech but there was no warning so… yes nice of them to give you a 17 minute toilet break… now as long as nobody else takes up that offer…

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