Funnybooks with Aron and Paulie: Snowballing Ain’t So Bad

fb2010_13Aron, Paul, Wayne and Tim welcome Jonathan back from rehab with an  episode of epic proportions featuring a rousing discussion of  the week’s comics inclusive of our thoughts on the final issue of Blackest Night.

  • Aron joins the Funnybook Mafia
  • Jonathan chimes in on Millar’s Nemesis
  • Necrosha/Second Coming
  • Siege Update
    • Dark Wolverine
    • New Mutants
  • Cloak & Dagger #1
  • Fantastic Four #577
  • Green Hornet #2
  • Prelude to Dead Pool Corps
  • Teen Titans #81
  • Booster Gold #30
  • Justice League of America #43
  • Indy Spotlight with Paul
  • BLACKEST NIGHT #8 – The Finale
  • What if we were writing Blackest Night?

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  1. Cyclops isn’t a pedophile for sleeping with Psylocke because Psylocke was a pedophile for wanting to sleep with Cypher. By the time she met Doug Ramsey, she was an adult with a modeling career, superhero career and some time having taken the mantle of Captain Britain from her brother. She was a UK character that transferred over to X-Men continuity even before Excalibur was established.

    Now…someone DOES need to talk to Cyclops about his obsession with telepaths. At this rate, it’s only a matter of time before he tries to get into Professor X’s pants.

  2. Y’know, I got to the end of this podcast and the whole “death has to mean something” came up. Might I say, I think that in itself is a reason to do the indy spotlight Paul mentions. Indy books, by and large, are creator owned, and rarely change creator hands. The permanence of events and consequences is much greater. I guarantee it’s one reason we all love Invincible so much. It’s a genuinely exciting book because it can genuinely, realistically surprise you. A character can take a left turn, and you know that Kirkman isn’t going to leave the book in a month and some other writer will steer everything back to status quo. Reading Hellboy and BPRD, I know, now that Roger is dead, he’s not coming back, or if he does, the best I’m getting is his ghost, and likely, I’ll never even see that. It made his death so much more real.

    And really, since the big 2 are so permeated with this sort of issue, the indy books are your only solid safe haven for permanent consequences. There’s a whole speech I’ve got about this topic, and it dovetails with a bunch of issues (why the Manga market has stolen our young and female comic readers, why the most known big 2 stories are largely non continuity, etc etc) but suffice to say, yeah, I’d like to hear more reviews of the books where I don’t know what’s coming next, and can’t count on a character coming back, even eventually.

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