Funnybooks with Aron and Paulie: Lords of Funnybooks!


In this week of Funnybooks, hopes are dashed! Batmen are bewared! Galactus hungers! And we continue the marches to Infinity and through the Trinity War!

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Knights of Reignsborough Season 2 is HERE…!

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  1. Agree about Beware about the Batman, my reaction to Alfred was what is Lex Luthor doing working as a butler to Bruce Wayne?

    Didn’t care for the opening theme, the rest was fine and to be honest it doesn’t need to work hard to be better than Avengers Assemble or how to demonstrate why Wolvering and the X-Men was bad…

    Still Hulk and the Agents of SMASH was remarkably good, doesn’t take itself seriously and Rick Jones managed to subvert tropes with his explanation for their team name!

    Two episodes of that have been released and have to say they may be using a somewhat intelligent Hulk but the interactions between Hulk, A Bomb (aka Rick Jones), Red Hulk, Skaar and She Hulk have been very funny!

    Looks like a future episode involves Iron Man and unless he’s being mind controlled… or heck I’m hoping they kick his ass and the rest of his battlesuits!!!

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