Funnybooks with Aron and Paulie: Let’s Bring the Magic!


  • Paul went to VA ComiCon
  • Thanksgiving and Black Friday
  • How Amazon screwed Aron
  • All-New X-Men #19
  • Wolverine and the X-Men #38
  • Hawkeye #14
  • Superior Spider-Man #22
  • Black Science #1
  • Infinity #6 (of 6)
  • New Avengers #12
  • Nova #10
  • Letter 44 #2
  • Smallville Season 11 #1 (and DC’s free digital comics)
  • Ghosts of Reignsborough and the new Ghost Rider

Lots going on in Ideology of Madness’ Actual Play.  Last week, we posted our play test of the Atomic Robo RPG.  The game is due out in stores in early 2014, but RIGHT NOW you can hear how amazing the rules are, how they drive story and support an Action Science Adventure worthy of Robo himself.   Also, the first season of our Ghosts of Reignsborough, the horrific corner of our Reigborough setting, has concluded.  You cannot unhear the ending!  Go listen!

And coming later this month… the epic two-part conclusion of Knights of Reignsborough Season 2!!

Give us a call at 972-763-5903 and leave us your thoughts. If we use your voicemail, you’ll win an Ideology of Madness SurPrize!

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  1. For the Funnies, how about “Best Book We’re Secretly Reading” as a new category?

    Paul brought up Uncanny Avengers this episode (which was summarily dismissed by the other hosts early in its run).

    Wayne’s anti-Brony rants are clearly a smokescreen he’s using to hide his love of Twilight Sparkle (and the My Little Pony comic).

    Aron’s still reading Bionic Woman, maybe. If he doesn’t talk about it, no one will. (On the entire internet.)

    And I’d love to hear what the third book is in Tim’s pull list!

  2. Did you know the Sideways Tower Podcast mentioned Ghosts of Reignsborough as in an actual link to the first sandbox?!

    Why can’t they show more classic episodes?

  3. I met Rob Liefeld at a comic book signing for X-Force #1, a little over 20 years ago. He was about 2 hours late to the signing and not very energetic when he got there so I’m going to say that Paul got the typical Liefeld experience.

  4. Hmm I’m not so sure I’d want to be anywhere near that shower!

    What has Hypothesis going to do to Star Trek Aegean?

    So what happened to Hex-Fire and did they find out about Johnny Boondogs, his ex-wife and newborn son from him?

    Hmm… have you discussed the attempt to bring a Hourman or Avenger series to tv?

    Would you want it linked to Arrow like they’re doing with the Flash and if you got to plot your own pilot for either or better yet any JSA character who would you choose and what would the basic plot of your pilot be for the purposes of trying to get it picked up to go into an actual tv series?

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