Funnybooks with Aron and Paulie: I Kill Jour Face!!

The nation thawed out long enough for us to get our comics this week.  With two weeks worth of books to talk about, we needed some extra help.  So Andrew from Back Seat Box Office joined us for the heavy lifting.  Hunker in with Aron, Paul, Tim, Wayne and Andrew for the awesomeness of Super Gorillas, Powder Man & Iron First, and Aron’s secret shame.

  • Superbowl movie trailers
  • The 19″ Galactus Action Figure
  • Paul had another incident at the comic shop
  • Flashpoint announcements – Flash #9 and Time Masters: Vanishing Point #6
  • (Marvel) Amazing Spider-Man #653 & #654
  • (DC) Red Robin #20
  • (Marvel) New Avengers #9
  • (DC) Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #20
  • (DC) Batman and Robin #20
  • (DC) Justice League: Generation Lost #19 (The Blue Beetle radio dramas Wayne refers to)
  • (DC) Superman #708 – AW (Superman says Fuck Omaha)
  • (Marvel) Power Man & Iron Fist #1
  • (IDW) Star Trek: Infestation #1
  • (Aspen) Charismagic #0

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  1. WilliamPall please don’t tell me you also share Aron’s love of Supergorilla. If you do, he’ll be impossible to deal with.

  2. Yeh, but when are you going to come across four JAce’s all at once.

    Aron, but up about Spider-Girl. I’ve been reading it and I really liked issue two. You are not alone.

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