Funnybooks with Aron and Paulie: Deadpool!

This week on Funnybooks while Aron and Paul plan their upcoming excursion to Chicas Locas, they find some time to discuss comics, Superman and a little movie about a Wade Wilson.

Be sure to listen for details on how you can win STAR WARS: DARTH VADER Volume 1 from Marvel Comics and Kieron Gillen.

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  1. I think that Superman’s lack of popularity or the fact that he is perceived as a lame character is a sad commentary on society. I understand the people who are uninterested in him due to his power set. He is a rather powerful individual and some people may not be interested in reading a story about a character who is practically invulnerable.

    It’s the folks who say that Superman is lame due to his morals that bother me. The fact that someone who is viewed as wholesome is lame makes me really sad. We gleefully cheer on the guy who dresses up like a bat and illegally beats criminals to a pulp (often maiming and torturing them in the process) but we turn our noses up at someone who respects the law and deals with criminals in a humane manner. Yes, Superman is technically a vigilante himself but often times he is portrayed as being sanctioned by the police and US government.

    I think that people have become so disillusioned with the world that they can’t understand a character like Superman. Captain America used to be in the same situation as Superman. I had plenty of friends who thought that he was lame when we were growing up because they viewed him as a square. I think Cap was able to break that mold and become edgier because he is a soldier first and foremost, not a super hero. But with Superman, he needs to be the icon that everyone looks up to. I know I’m preaching to the choir with that sentiment but I wanted to echo the thought. Hopefully with rebirth DC will be able to bring back the classic Superman but in all honesty I wonder if society has moved past this type of hero. We live in a grim and gritty world and I’m not sure that people can relate to someone like Superman anymore.

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