Funny Books with Aron and Paulie: The World’s Greatest Comic Podcast

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  • ¿dónde esta el cyber café? (1:02)
  • Superhero TV shows on DVD
    • The Flash (2:20)
    • Birds of Prey (4:23)
    • Smallville (5:04)
  • AronMas (10:30)
  • Aron & Paul go to the movies
    • Julie & Julia (12:17)
    • Final Destination 3D (13:03)
    • Halloween 2 (13:40)
  • $40 week (14:05)
    • Blackest Night update
      • Green Lantern #45 (16:48)
      • Blackest Night Titans #1 (21:16)
    • Calling Paul out re: Batgirl #1 and all of his hate (27:30)
    • Gotham City Sirens #3 (29:20)
    • Detective Comics #856 (31:54)
    • Batman and Robin #3 (36:30)
    • Batman: The Widening Gyre #1 (39:30)
    • Flash: Rebirth #4 (42:08)
    • Guardians of the Galaxy (51:32)
    • Nova (52:39)
    • The Darkness/Pitt #1 (53:40)
    • The Incredibles #0 (58:30)
    • Listener Mail! (1:01:16)
    • Fantastic Four #570 (1:03:14)
  • What if we were writing… The Fantastic Four? (1:11:55)
  • New Contest: 100 comics that may or may not suck! (1:38:08)

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  1. Sardel,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    I was reading FF when Doom named Valeria. Still hate the name. And I change the name when I adopt a new dog. Why wouldn’t you change the name of your child named by such a bastard as Doom?

    I’ll have to take your word for points two and three. 😉

  2. Thanks for taking my question. It was cool to hear your guys take on the team. As someone who has read through the good and the bad, I have some answers for some of the points that you brought up.

    1. Valeria. I’m not a fan of the super smart little kid because I think she takes away from Franklin who is actually the most powerful mutant in the Marvel universe (at least according to older continuity). But as to the question of why her name doesn’t fit, it’s because she was actually named by Dr. Doom.

    2. The Thing’s love life. In the Millar run that just wrapped up, the Thing gets engaged to a girl who isn’t blind. It goes awry but I won’t say exactly how.

    3. There is a series of the FF with the alternate time lines and time travel. You guys probably wouldn’t touch this with a 10 ft pole because it’s the Dark Reign FF mini-series. It has Reed using the bridge device, there is a power failure and the other members of the team get transported into different time lines. So you’ve got them as pirates, in the old west, etc.

  3. Ghost Rider was the Fourth Member of the Marvel “let’s get the four most popular characters into one book” issue of the Fantastic Four.

  4. Hey ThistledownJohn,

    Hmmm…I dunno. I think it probably just means that he’s pissed off. In the Superman special, they show Connor as red in a couple of scenes, so I think it’s just them seeing these guys are full of rage. Guy Gardner Red Lantern would be cool, though!


  5. Aron, I think your feed for the podcast is broken. It’s not updating with the latest episode on the feed, or at iTunes podcast directory.

  6. Great show as always! Hey, speaking of Black Lanterns seeing the color auras of other Lanterns. What did you make of one of the last pages of GL Corps #39. You see Kilowog and Kyle Rayner’s green auras, but Guy Gardner’s is red. Is that foreshadowing something, or does it just mean Guy’s pissed off as usual?

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