Funny Books with Aron and Paulie: The Mother of All Pearl Necklaces

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This week, we discuss all kinds of fun stuff:

  • Geek wear;
  • DC’s all new Wednesday Comics featuring innovative, yet nostalgic formatting;
  • Green Lantern #43, Prologue to Blackest Night
  • Red Robin #2
  • Baman
  • The new Green Lantern movie; and
  • Last week’s decision in the Siegel vs. Warners/DC concerning rights to Superman

A very DC-centric episode to be sure!


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  1. Hey Aron and Paul! I enjoyed your second pod cast. I find it both funny and interesting. I don’t read that many comic books these days, I did in my younger years…but I could still follow along and enjoyed the topics and fresh banter you have with each other. Can’t wait for another one!

    PS…who is “Joe” and why so crabby?

  2. I get you want to promote your new podcast, but stickying it at the top of your feed makes me think you don’t have any new content when I load the page and see the podcast logo still at the top.

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