Funny Books with Aron and Paulie: The Dead are Rising Everywhere

  • A Micronauts movie?
  • The 90’s X-Men Cartoon and others
  • Doom Patrol #4 (Blackest Night tie-in)
  • X-Force/New Mutans: Necrosha One-Shot #1
  • Haunt #2
  • Batman Update
    • Detective Comics #858
    • Batman Confidential #36
    • Batman: The Widening Gyre #3
  • Assault on New Olympus One-Shot #1
  • X-Men vs. Agents of Atlas #1 & #2
  • Astonishing X-Men #32
  • Psylocke #1
  • Doctor Voodoo #2
  • Nova #31
  • Chew #5
  • Spider-Woman #2
  • Fantastic Four #572
  • Ultimate Spider-Man #4
  • Ms. Marvel
  • Trek week starts today!  Plus, a FANTASTIC Trek contest!
  • Listener mail
  • Plus, a contest for full set of the various Corps rings!


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  1. Flesh! Porn! Flesh!

    Great show guys. You covered a pretty wide variety of topics. The entire spectrum one might say.
    (Shameless ring contest entry)

    *The Lending Consortium sponsored by Stark Industries

  2. I am disappointed to find that the Daily Christian Nudes dot com has not been registered yet. It’s kinda like the Playboy issue with the Women of Walmart. Actually, it’s nothing like that. I’m not sure where that analogy came from.

    Good show, guys. Enjoyed it a lot.

  3. See, now if I was writing a Tag line it would go something like this: Our porn’s so good, you’ll have a second coming, too!

  4. I subscribed to this because I knew Jonathan from KiTDB was going to be on, and I did expect him to be good.

    What I didn’t expect was the vast amount of knowledge regarding just about any title you can imagine. Aron and Paul (and Jonathan) truly care about this genre, and it is fairly evident that this is the case once you start listening. This has been a blessing and a curse finding this show though. It’s a blessing because I have a new podcast to subscribe to and eagerly await, but it’s a curse on my wallet as I’m bound to be buying at leas a few more titles.

    PS) I’m glad Aron got the yellow ring, the one that broadcasts fear, for even as he was admiting his love for Spidey clone, I was truly afraid.

    Thanks guys. Hope to see Jonathan pop up on more episodes, though I’d rather like it if he didn’t snore while you guys talked DC 😉

    *ring entry*

  5. Hey, guys, lovin’ the cast as usual. Jonathon is a great addition. I think a more long-term arrangement is worth considering.
    Christian Porn. Aron, Aron, Aron.
    I almost fell over from anoxia I laughed so hard.

    C’mon, full set of rings.

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