Free Funnybook Day: Top Cow Sampler Pack!

We love us some Top Cow on Funnybooks with Aron an Paulie, and we’re sure you will too!  To help your new love of the Moo get started, we’re going to throw an AWESOME TOP COW SAMPLER PACK your way!  What can you win?

  • Witchblade by Ron Marz, Vol. 1
  • Top Cow First Look, featuring previews of 6 Top Cow titles
  • The Darkness: Accursed, Volume 1
  • Rest TPB, created by Heroes‘ Milo Ventimiglia

How do you win this prize pack of awesomesauce?  Well, tell us the best experience you’ve ever had buying a book sight unseen – did you pick up a comic and random and it soon became your favorite title?  How about an independent book you gave a chance?  One lucky winner will get the prize!  Good luck!

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  1. Some 15 years ago, a friend of mine gave me a stack of oddball comics. He was an older fellow, a pharmacist, and a decided free thinker, so I was eager to see what he had given me. I had only read superhero comics at that point, so I was pretty awestruck by what he found. It was all edgy, odd, twisted stuff, most of it short lived, some of it I was surprised could legally be sold or transported across state lines. Not a superhero to be found. I was entranced by a lot of the titles; the one that sticks out was one of the milder ones, Sin City, which I had never heard of at the time.

  2. I saw a tweet about “Echoes” and picked up on a lark. Creepiest book EVER.

  3. For me that book would be Atomic Robo. I heard some rumblings a year ago about Dr. Dinosaur, so I grabbed the first trade. I have bought every floppy and TPB since then. I absolutely love it.

  4. I think I picked up “Grimjack” without knowing much about the title many, many years ago. There was a run of several months that it was my favorite comic.

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