Free Funnybook Day: Tim’s Mystery Contest #3!

Tim is giving away mystery prizes on FREE FUNNYBOOK DAY!  What will you win if you’re chosen?  We’re not telling, but you can be guaranteed it’ll be awesome!

Regular listeners of Funnybooks will know that, for a couple of weeks, Andrew was flirting at his comic shop with what may or may not have been a female (but was probably a guy).  He kept us updated weekly with his “He/She Updates.”  Want to win this mystery prize?  Tell us about a time you couldn’t tell if you were talking to a guy or a girl!

Good luck!

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  1. I worked for about a year with a woman who used to be a man. First couple times I talked with her, I knew something was different, and had my suspicions. She was a bit too desperately feminine, and awful tall. I had it confirmed one day when my boss at the time went on a rant about how the woman “creeped” her out — my boss was a socially conservative librarian who was indignant that sex change was even possible; also, she used “creepy” for everything she disapproved of, from wearing paisley to engaging in terrorism. Personally, I worked with the transgendered woman with no problems. She was good at what she did – machinery maintenance.

  2. Closest I’ve come to this was sitting in the local game store seeing someone checking out. Long hair, baggy clothes, soft features. I peer. I puzzle. I flip a mental coin and go chick. Then I hear them speak and say out loud “Whoops, got that wrong.” Someone nearby gives me an odd look, so I explain. And they crack up and go to tell their friends, since of course he knew the guy.

  3. I don’t have a story as entertaining as Andrew but I’d say that anytime I’ve talked to a female character in an MMO I’m not sure of the player’s gender.

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