Free Funnybook Day: SHADOWLAND!

Matt Murdock Dared Evil…and Lost! The battle for the soul of a hero begins! Pushed beyond his limits, Daredevil faces off for a final time against his deadliest foe–Bullseye– in their most brutal battle ever with more than just Hell’s Kitchen is at stake. Spider-Man, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Punisher and more join forces to stop a war that is breaking out throughout New York, with Daredevil at the center. This event will change the streets of New York City-and the heroes that protect it-forever.

Shadowland featured tons of Marvel characters battling for the soul of Matt Murdock and New York itself!  What do you get if you win this MEGA PACK of Shadowland goodness?

  • Dark Reign: The List – Daredevil
  • Daredevil #501-512
  • Shadowland #1-5
  • Shadowland: Blood on the Streets #1-4
  • Shadowland: Daughters of the Shadow #1
  • Shadowland: Ghost Rider One-Shot
  • Shadowland: Moon Knight #1-3
  • Shadowland: Spider-Man One-Shot

How do you win this awesome prize package?  In the talkback below, tell us what you fear!  After all, Matt Murdock is the man without fear!

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  1. I fear a world where we all shuffle through the mind-numbing tedium of a meaningless life, lying to ourselves about our essential importance, seeking emotional solace as if such things could bring meaning to a bleak existence, and desperate to be distracted by silly diversions like make-believe games and little dancing lights on a monitor screen.

    Oh, wait….shit.

    That, and I’m afraid of spiders.

  2. I fear giant sprawling pointless events with huge numbers of unreadable tie-ins. I mean, nothing as bad as Flashpoint, that’s just inhumane.

  3. Someday reading this press release-
    New DC Comics Editor-in-Chief Grant Morrison pledges to provide story input on every title.

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