Free Funnybook Day: Geoff Johns’ Action Comics!

Geoff Johns’ run on Action Comics redefined the character in a way that Superman hadn’t been treated in YEARS.  Teaming with Richard Donner on writing, readers were treated to action-packed adventures, with touches of nostalgia for the classic Donner movies, and revamped origins of many main characters, and the death of Pa Kent!  Truly a spectacular run on the title … and now it can be yours!

This prize includes:

  • Action Comics #844-846, 851, and Annual #11, the entirety of “Last Son
  • Action Comics #855-857, the entirety of “Escape from Bizarro World
  • Action Comics #858-863, the entirety of “Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes”
  • Action Comics #866-870, the entirety of “Brainiac

All with writing by Geoff Johns, including art by Gary Frank, Adam Kubert, and Eric Powell!  How do you enter?  Just tell us in the talkback what your favorite Superman story of all time is!  Good luck!

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  1. “For the Man Who Has Everything”

    I also am fascinated by early, early Superman, when he couldn’t fly, was a bit noir, and could be a real bastard.

  2. I didn’t read it but saw some pages and heard the story: The Day Superman Lied! Superman and Supergirl insult and alienate Jimmy Olsen, Girl Scouts, and a variety of others in honor of a Kryptonian holiday which is celebrated by complete honesty. Heavy story idea for kids.

  3. I’ve pretty much never read Superman except for the actual Death of Superman story. So I guess that one.

  4. I love the first two segments (Krypton & Smallville) of Donner’s Superman movie.

  5. I find myself going back and reading Death of Superman-Funeral for a Friend-Reign of the Supermen. A fun sequence that gets a bad rap.

  6. I’m going to have to agree with Mr. Head and say that Red Son is a damn fine story.

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