Finally…a Star Trek movie my wife wants to see.

My wife really doesn’t like Star Trek, and I’ve forced her to see just about every Next Generation film that’s come along, despite her protests.  I was bound and determined to make her like it.  Didn’t work.  Still, even she admits that the new Star Trek flick, by JJ Abrams, looks pretty darn good.  At first I was upset about them doing a reboot of Trek.  Having seen the trailers, and read the comic book prequel (the two issues that are out anyway), I’ve got a lot more excitement for it.  Check out the new trailer that has that kind of epic music that makes you want to cry … it’s like the ending of Gladiator, but with Vulcans and space battles.  Fun!

(if you click the little HD button, it makes it look spiffier)

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