FFD: Batwoman in Detective Comics!


Bruce Wayne is dead (kinda).  Dick Grayson has taken on the mantle of the bat, with Wayne’s son Damian taking over as Robin.  Still, the crime in Gotham is worse than ever, and new criminals are pouring out of the woodwork.

Marked by the blood-red bat, Kate Kane is a soldier fighting her own private war – one that began years ago and haunts her every waking moment. With a script by Greg Rucka and breath-taking art by JH Williams III, you’ve never seen anything like this! Featuring the debut of a new co-feature starring The Question written by Rucka! Odds against you? Alone and nowhere to turn? Willing to fight, but you don’t know how? When you’re searching everywhere for an answer, sometimes all you need to do is ask the right Question. Renee Montoya again dons the faceless mask to help those in need, all the while searching for her own answers in this new adventure with art by Cully Hamner (BLUE BEETLE).

This contest is for the first two arcs of Batwoman in Detective Comics, issues #854-850, featuring a battle against a new villain, Alice, as well as the origin of Batwoman!  These are critically acclaimed comics that you don’t want to miss out on!

How do you enter?  In the talkback below, tell us who your favorite member of the Bat-Family of all time is – BatHound?  Batman Beyond?  All options are available, and tell us why they’re your favorite!

One lucky will winner will be chosen at random.  All Free Funnybook Day contest rules are here.

Good luck!

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  1. Alfred. Without Alfred, Batman wouldn’t have clean underpants to wear on the outside of his pants.

  2. Hmm Dave took my answer of Nightwing, for the same reason, so to play fair. I’ll give a different answer.

    Azreal, Jean Paul Valley. I might be mis-remembering drastically (and if so throw out the entry), but wasn’t he a member of a religious order. I really like the whole holy warrior vibe. It’s good stuff.

  3. It feels like I’m taking the easy way out, but Stuart is right. The original Batman is my favorite.

  4. I like Alfred. Behind every good hero is a back up guy making sure everything runs smoothly. That’s what Alfred does, and he does it well.

  5. I still like the original Bruce Wayne’s batman. The others are fun and interesting, but I feel like they make better supporting characters.

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