FBU: Sh!t My Tim Says!

Due to inclement weather keeping certain hosts from getting their comics in time for this week’s show, we are unable to bring you your regularly scheduled Funnybooks with Aron and Paulie. Instead, please enjoy this preview of the latest podcast to join Ideology of Madness – Funnybooks Unlimited.

In our very first episode of Funnybooks Unlimited/Unleashed/Unbound…whatever, Tim and Paul don’t talk about comics, but instead gather together to make fun of poor kids who just want some Dairy Queen for Christmas, mock Holiday traditions a month after they’re over, talk about dumb people doing dumb things, and try not to shoot people in movie theaters.  Then Tim goes off on people who drive like assholes in the snow.

Welcome…to FBU.

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  1. The ‘One Geek to Another’ column was, and I don’t say this lightly, HORRIBLE.

    However, I like your new column idea, it probably would be a feel good feature. I hear that guy tells people want they want to hear.

  2. First off . . . Paul . . you don’t have a ManCave. Apparently you have a CatCave.

    Secondly, the letter’s to Satan bit . . . Uhm . . . okay sure . . .

    I’m with you guys about movie theatre going. I used to have a job where I would get off of work right before the late showing on a Thursday night. I was perfect cause no one wants to go to a midnight showing on a thursday, especially on a movie that’s about to be replaced with a new release the next day.

    Driving in snow is fun. Watching others try to drive in snow is fun. Easiest thing to do is to keep your wits about you when driving . . . . which of course the unwashed masses never do.

    It’s like I always said . . . A person is smart, but people are dumb.

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