I think we’re the only site online that doesn’t have a review of DC Comics new title, Batman and Robin, yet.  We will this week, I promise!  Anyway, what we do have, courtesy of DCU’s Source Blog, is a look at some of the storylines to come in later issues.  I’m wondering if all of these are planned for the first twelve issues?  Looks like we have a new appearance from the Black Glove, from Batman R.I.P, a ghost Batman (Bruce Wayne?), a new Red Skull, and least shockingly, a fall out between Batman and his new Robin, Damian Wayne.  Anybody pick up Batman and Robin #1 yet?

Click to enlarge!
Click to enlarge!

By the by…whatever happened to that image of Damian Wayne hanging out with Hush from the Battle for the Cowl preview image?  Actually, it seems like many of the storylines hinted in that image have yet to occur.

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