Chuck was gonna be Fandral in THOR?

Coulda been Chuck
Coulda been Chuck

It’s true, according to USA Weekend (via SuperheroHype), because Chuck was given a longer season order (extended from 13 episodes to 19 – hell yes), star Zachary Levi, who was signed to play Fandral, one of the Warriors Three, had to drop the role.  I am a huge fan of the Warriors Three, and a huge fan of Levi (has anybody seen Spiral?  He’s awesome in it!), so I’m sad to hear that there was a chance he was going to play in the Thor movie, which sounds better and better every day.  Apparently, Levi was even working out for the role – guess we’ll be seeing a buff Chuck this season.

Still, more Chuck is never a bad thing.  Here’s hoping director Branagh can pull in another actor of Levi’s caliber for his movie!

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