Check out the new SUCKER PUNCH trailer!

I love me some Zach Snyder (though I didn’t see that owl film he did with the 30 Seconds to Mars song in the trailer – was it good?), and damn, I’m excited for Sucker Punch.  I literally don’t give a crap what the film is about when it looks this amazing.

March 25th. Hell yeah.

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  1. The trailer leaves me feeling ‘meh’ but Zach Snyder has a good enough track record that I’ll get out to see it.

  2. This movie looks so aweful. Evertime I see the trailer I just imaging a bunch of guys in a room asking, “What is cool?” Well Dragons are cool, and swords, and robots… Then they throw it all into a single movie forgetting that story is cool as well. It seems like an over the top fan service film.

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