Captain’s Journey: Message in a Bottle


In case you have missed the previous parts, here they are in order.

  1. Bad Dreams
  2. Call the Question
  3. Dreams Remembered
  4. Desperate Measures
  5. Consequences
  6. Revelation
  7. Picking up the Pieces
  8. Identity
  9. Ship
  10. First Contact
  11. Pirates
  12. Danger Close
  13. Down Below Station
  14. Spider’s Web
  15. You can’t go home again
  16. Pursued
  17. Scarlet Empress
  18. Pain
  19. Hakar
  20. Crew
  21. Into the Arena
  22. Battle
  23. Rescue
  24. Negotiation
  25. Uplink
  26. Escape



I know that you don’t want to hear from me this soon but there is something you need to know. You should have already heard the rumors about the Hierarchy enclave. I do not know what you are hearing but I can tell you that I am partly to blame for what has happened.

I know that you will not be surprised at this. There is pain and anguish going around and I am somehow involved. I will not waste your time by telling you that this is not my fault as I realize, to a certain extent, it is.I told you about the Kossun and how they patched my hurts after the revelation of what the Terran League had done to me. I never asked them why they would be so keen to help me get back up and running. They were an ancient race that had grown out of the petty squabbles that us lesser beings are always mired in. This is such a pile of shit but I didn’t care because I was just happy not to be hurting anymore.

It was simple to be myopic and ignore the weight of History. Any civilization that was superior in any fashion manipulated and used those that they deemed lesser creatures. I was just so happy to have someone there when everything fell apart that I never looked behind the curtain to see who was pulling the levers who was pulling the levers or why.

I was manipulated the entire time. Introducing me to Chikara easily overcame any misgivings that may have been hiding in my subconscious. A living ship that was being treated as nothing but a slave. A tool to be thrown away at the whim of it’s creator. how could I not want to rescue him just like a child wants to rescue a puppy or a kitten. My Talent easily overwhelmed higher reason so that I did not question a species that creates a living slave fleet. We destroyed nations that tried to create armies to help them conquer their neighbors.

I fucked up.

I’m stuck as a pawn in several different games and I have no idea how to get out. The Terran League wants me to be their weapon but against whom I am unsure. They are going to great lengths to get me back. I wish I could just write off the story of my son as a lie but I have to know if he is alive or not. I loved him and if he is alive I need to get him out of their clutches. My love of Reyez is driving this as well. I lost him. I don’t want to waste this slight thread of a possibility that someone else I love is alive.

The Kossun know I am a weapon and they have given me a means to flit about the galaxy unhindered. I don’t know what they are getting out of this but I have to assume that the disaster of Down Below Station is just one part of their plan. I don’t know what type of numbers you are seeing in the reports running around the station. I can tell you the actual casualties though. The station is efficient in everything it does, even slaughter. The collateral damage that flickered across the screen as I struggled to escape the uplink chamber was ten thousand sentients. All of those were sacrificed to kill Spider. All those deaths are my fault. I was fleeing a Terran league capture team and had no way out. The station gave a me path to safety and I took it. If I hadn’t went down that rabbit hole, those people would still be alive.


The station stated that I was upgrading it. There was so much information flowing past my mind and the pain was so great that I don’t know what has changed. I wanted to let you know this. I also wanted to let you know that i there are any rumors floating around that the head of the hierarchy has been cut off, those are true as well.

I know that this can not make things right between us but I hope it helps you to understand that I did love your brother. I wasn’t lying when I told you that when we left and I wasn’t lying when I told you that in your office a few days ago. He would have wanted me to make sure that you are safe as I can make you. With the what has happened between us, This is the best I can do.

Hopefully you can make use of this information in the chaos that I am leaving behind. You won’t have the boot of the Hierarchy on your throat anymore but neither will you have them as threat to keep the wolf from the door. Maybe next time I see you this will make things a bit better between us.

The screen freezes.

“Damn It Jaxx!”

Y’vtara quickly pulls up several screens and begins tapping out commands. The only sound in the room for several minutes is the frantic click of her well manicured nails on glass. She thumbs on the comms once she finishes up with her programming.

“Onyo, pull in all our fighters. Things are going to get rough for awhile and we are going to have be prepared to respond in kind.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

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