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Funnybooks with Aron and Paulie: Narcissism is Spelled A W E S O M E!

Is it egotistical to wear a shirt with your name on it?  Yes. It’s also entirely the right thing to do.  This week on Funnybooks, we chat about movies, wine, Kickstarter, and….Archie? Oh yeah, and comics too.

  • Paul saw Pacific Rim
  • An X-Force movie?
  • Wolverine: Japan’s Most Wanted
  • Superior Spider-Man #13
  • Batgirl #22
  • Batman ’66 #2 (digital edition)
  • Afterlife with Archie (it’s real.  more info here)
  • Ghosted #1 *BOOK OF THE WEEK*
  • Matt Fraction’s Inhuman
  • Hawkeye #12
  • Nocking Point Wines (more info at www.nockingpointwines.com)
  • Justice League #22 (Trinity War)
  • Superman Unchained #2
  • Atomic Robo Kickstarter (more info here)
  • The Shadow/Green Hornet: Dark Nights #1 *BOOK OF THE WEEK*
  • Jeff Parker’s Kings Watch (more info here)

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Knights of Reignsborough Season 2 is HERE…!


Funnybooks with Aron and Paulie: Cut, Cut, Cut!

  • Best of Both Worlds is now on Blu-Ray!
  • Kickstarting your trip to GenCon
  • FTC6 Wrap-Up
  • FCBD Wrap-Up
    • Prince Valiant
    • Superman
    • Aphrodite IX
    • Atomic Robo
    • Beware The Batman
    • Infinity
  • Avengers #11
  • Batman and Red Hood #20
  • Fearless Defenders #4
  • Thor: God of Thunder #8
  • Justice League of America #3
  • Superboy #20
  • Adventures of Superman Digital #1-2
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Digital #4

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Knights of Reignsborough Season 2 is coming…!


Funnybooks with Aron and Paulie: Violent and Awkward

Your Funnybooks hosts attended Fear the Con in Missouri this past weekend.  It was the sixth year for the annual gaming convention coordinated by the hosts of Fear the Boot (a show about table-top roleplaying games and a little bit more).  Fear the Con kicks off with a social event, World Wide Wing Night followed by 24-hours of games over a two day period.

It is always a good time with great people.

This episode features Aron, Paul, Andrew and Thistledown John plus a few others chatting over drinks after the first day of gaming.  Many of the games we played at FtC will be available here on Ideology of Madness.

If you want hear previous year’s FtC con games, check the links below:

We return to our regular format next week.

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Knights of Reignsborough Season 2 is coming…!


Funnybooks with Aron and Paulie: Comics for Everyone?

This was a week so big in comics we generated TWO shows to cover it all!  In this episode, we talk about the non-New52 books.

Our round-up of the September’s New 52 will drop on Wednesday.

Next week’s assigned reading is Edgar Delgado’s Ultra Duck!  The first 23-pages of this OGN are available free!

(*) In this episode Aron mentions an interview episode Paul hosted with Jonathan Maberry.  Yeah, that never happened.  Aron’s drunk a lot.  But the other series of novels he mentioned?  Those are Maberry’s Joe Ledger books.  Those are awesome.

Yesterday, our second episode of Star Trek: Aegean hit the webz!

Don’t miss issue 9 of Knights of Reignsborough… coming this weekend!

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stk408591Revealed in the Previews solicitations for February 2010, we get our first look at the new Atomic Robo volume, REVENGE OF THE VAMPIRE DIMENSION!

Man…do you really need any more reason to read a book than an awesome title like that?  Revenge of the Vampire Dimension!  And combined with the usual awesomeness of Atomic Robo, this is going to be at the top of my buy pile when it comes on 2/24/2010.

The solicitation reads:

W) Brian Clevinger (A) Scott Wegener
New York City, 1999. Atomic Robo has to wrap up some loose ends before jetting off to Japan for a business trip. Yup, just an average day at Tesladyne HQ where nothing bad can happen. Especially not The Revenge of the Vampire Dimension starring Atomic Robo, the force of nature known only as Jenkins, a ton of vampires, and Dr. Bernard Fischer on his very first day on the job.

Also on the horizon is the third volume of Atomic Robo, Atomic Robo and the Shadow from Beyond Time, featuring Robo fighting a transdimensional Lovecraftian creature across multiple times in history!  Due out December 9th, along with a reprint of the first volume, Atomic Robo and the Fightin’ Scientists Tesladyne, these books are a MUST for any cool geek’s Christmas list!

Buy both at your local funnybook store, or at Heavy Ink!

Atomic Robo and Carl Sagan Attack Christmas!

Kinda.  See, this December, Red 5 Comics will be releasing the trade paperback for Atomic Robo and the Shadow from Beyond Time (guest starring Carl Sagan!), along with new printings of the first two super excellent books in the series, Fighting Scientists of Tesladyne (review) and Dogs of War (review)!  If I haven’t told you enough already how great this series is, let me reiterate – comic fan or not, Atomic Robo is essential reading for smart people!  Put it on your Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Chrismukah, or Aronmas list this December!

This December, the third volume of Atomic Robo debuts with the trade paperback Atomic Robo and the Shadow from Beyond Time. It collects the acclaimed five-issue mini-series, with bonus stories and art… and the web-short “Atomic Robo vs The Yonkers Devil” in print for the first time.

To celebrate, the completely-sold-out first volume of Atomic Robo will return with a second printing with an all-new cover by artist Scott Wegener. If you’ve been missing out, be sure to pre-order this edition at your local comic shop now, so you’re not left out again.

Not to be left out, volume two Atomic Robo and the Dogs of War is being re-issued as well with a new Diamond order code.

All three volumes are in PREVIEWS now… order them from your local comic shop in October to ensure a merry Christmas.

Atomic Robo TPB Volume 1 (Second Printing) (OCT091063)

In his double-Eisner-nominated debut series (Best Limited Series, Best Coloring), ATOMIC ROBO takes on Nazis, giant ants, clockwork mummies, walking pyramids, Mars, cyborgs and his nemesis, and Baron von Helsingard. Reprints the sold-out first edition of the smash hit with all-new cover.

180 pages, $18.95, 2009-12-09

Atomic Robo TPB Volume 2 (OCT091064)

Eisner-nominated ATOMIC ROBO lands on the front lines of World War II against the science freaks and devastating weird weaponry of Nazi Germany — from invincible walking tanks to atomic-powered weather cannons to the Monster Soldiers of the Third Reich. Can ROBO and THE SPARROW, Britain’s greatest covert operative, complete their mission and turn the tide of the war without killing one another?

152 pages, $19.95, 2009-02-25

Atomic Robo TPB Volume 3(OCT091062)

It is 1926 when H.P. LOVECRAFT comes calling to warn ATOMIC ROBO of imminent doom. But the SHADOW FROM BEYOND TIME escapes into the future, intersecting with our world through the 20th century. The future and history of the universe hangs in the balance as ATOMIC ROBO teams up with, uh, ATOMIC ROBO in a last ditch effort to protect reality itself.

152 pages, $18.95, 2009-12-09


Red 5 Comics First Look Reviews – 8/19/2009!


Atomic Robo and the Shadow From Beyond Time #4

We’ve got some previews for you of this week’s two Red 5 comics – Atomic Robo and the Shadow from Beyond Time #4 and We Kill Monsters #2!

Having read both of the upcoming books, I can definitely say that you should pick both up.

There’s really nothing more to say about Atomic Robo that I haven’t said already.  The series, about Robo fighting a Lovecraftian creature that exists at multiple places in time simultaneously is imaginative, hilarious (especially the upcoming issue 4), and action packed.  Atomic Robo is not only one of the absolutely best comic books on stands today, it’s a perfect example of why we love comics in the first place.

We Kill Monsters is the new kid on the block, the story of two mechanics who are trying to protect their town from an infestation of creatures.  One of them is injured while battling a monster, and the monster blood he gets in his wound gets him a super cool, super strong monster arm.  If you’ve listened to our podcast, or checked out Aron’s preview of the first issue, you know we’re already digging the book.  Issue two continues the goodness, as our heroes do more monster battlin’, and more craziness ensues.  If you haven’t jumped on to this title, make sure you pick up issue one and two ASAP (you can buy them online at HeavyInk)!

Read after the jump for previews of both books!

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Advance Review! Atomic Robo and the Shadow from Beyond Time #2


Go buy this right now. Well, not right now. Maybe tomorrow, since that's when it comes out.

I loves me some Atomic Robo.  I think I might actually have an unhealthy obsession with Atomic Robo, based on how many times I‘ve written about him.  Still, I felt the second volume, Atomic Robo and the Dogs of War, just wasn’t as fun as the first, Atomic Robo and the Fightin’ Scientists of Tesladyne.  I have to admit, I think I’m a little spoiled, given that I was able to enjoy both of the first two volumes in their trade paperback editions (why no hardcovers?).  No waiting between issues.  Sometimes, I like to enjoy things that way – like the TV show 24.  I know half the fun in a cliffhanger is the wait, but there’s just something about instant gratification, you know?

So it’s frustrating having to wait a full month between issues of Atomic Robo and the Shadow from Beyond Time.  And it’s so frustrating because the book is so damn good. Volume 3 in the Atomic Robo series, The Shadow From Beyond Time brings back some of the more fun aspects of the first volume, while bringing something new to the mythos.

As it starts, it’s 1926 and Robo is studying for a test while his creator, Nikola Tesla, is out of town.  Two men come knocking one night, one of which is a man named Howard Lovecraft, looking for Tesla, the only man capable of stopping a tremendous tentacled creature that is here to destroy all of existence.  Of course, with Tesla out of town, that leaves Robo and some lightning guns to save the day.  Madcap hilarity ensues as Robo tries to track the monster as it demolishes through town.

Continue reading my review after the jump!

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Free Comic Book Day Atomic Robo…for FREE!!!!!

That damn Atomic Robo comic I never found.

That damn Atomic Robo comic I never found.

Yes, I have made well documented by search for the elusive Atomic Robo and Friends Free Comic Book Day issue, which manange to dodge my Burger King tainted hands not one, but FOUR times.  However, Red 5 Comics have made me a happy geek, because they have put up the entire FCBD Atomic Robo and Friends on their website!  If you, like me, were unable to get your hands on a copy, or just want to know what the hell I’m talking about, go here to read some FREE Atomic Robo!

Atomic Robo – FCBD Edition!

red5So, if you read my Atomic Robo review here two weeks ago, you know how much I love Robo, and his exploits fighting giant robots with nazi brains, Lovecraftian monsters, and pyramids that shoot laser beams.  The newest Atomic Robo series, Atomic Robo and the Shadow from Beyond, came out this week from Red5 Comics!

And, if that wasn’t enough, there is a Free Comic Book Day Edition of Atomic Robo coming out this Saturday, featuring Atomic Robo vs. Dr. Dinosaur!  In addition, the FCBD book has a preview of some upcoming Red 5 titles for 2009!

Check out a preview of the Atomic Robo book here!